Richmond Housing Partnership

“We needed a system that allows a quick and easy way of identifying alarms and locations and ensures they’re acted on quickly.”

The Customer

Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP) is a South-West London based Housing Association. It’s made up of two registered providers that own or manage over 10,000 properties. The not-for-profit organisation’s purpose is to provide good quality, affordable homes for people in need, to deliver excellent customer service and to support the development of successful communities.

The Challenge

Richmond Housing Partnership employs a number of lone workers. These include Caretakers, Housing Officers and Anti-Social Behaviour Officers who visit RHP’s properties on a regular basis. Because they often work alone without immediate help at hand, they’re exposed to a greater risk of assault, attack and sustaining injuries whilst performing their duties.

It’s not uncommon for Housing Officers to face verbal or physical assaults on a daily basis. A survey conducted by industry magazine Inside Housing reported that over 150 lone working officers are attacked every day in the UK.

A solution was needed where RHP’s lone working staff were better protected without the need for staff to ‘double-up’ when visiting customers. As RHP are a responsible organisation committed to providing the very best welfare for its employees, they set about looking for suitable lone worker support to help mitigate any potential risk.

“We employ a number of lone workers from Caretakers to Housing and ASB Officers. We needed a system that allows a quick and easy way of identifying alarms and locations and ensures they’re acted on quickly. Peoplesafe provided the most ideal software and service for this.”

The Solution

After meeting with Peoplesafe, Richmond Housing Partnership chose the smartphone solutions as well as a number of standard mobile options.

The application enables RHP’s lone workers to log visits to customers and confirm their safe return, and also provides the means of raising an emergency alert where the staff member feels threatened or may otherwise require emergency assistance.

Users of Peoplesafe’s smartphone applications can leave details of their movements and whereabouts via their mobile phone. It’s been designed for ease of use, so users can quickly and simply enter their details. If a user fails to notify the system when they finish a set task, Peoplesafe will attempt to contact them. If they do not answer and their safety cannot be verified, Peoplesafe will then alert a nominated respondent at Richmond Housing Partnership.

If a user feels at risk, they can also call for help via the SOS Alarm function by pressing an assigned key on their mobile device, even if it is locked or in standby mode. This will call Peoplesafe’s dedicated 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre, who will listen in to the incident and assess the response needed. Using the GPS capability of the phone, the lone worker can also be easily located. All recordings are saved and can be used as evidence in court if required.

The Benefits

Richmond Housing Partnership now benefit from having Peoplesafe’s cost effective, easy to use lone worker protection. They can be confident in the knowledge that they are compliant with stringent lone working legislation and helping to fulfil their Duty of Care to employees.

“The most impressive part of Peoplesafe is their continued support and guidance, ensuring we’re utilising the software and service correctly and effectively.”

Myles Kaplan, Head of Estate Services

RHP’s lone workers can also feel more confident in the knowledge that they aren’t alone, even in situations that may require urgent assistance.