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We work with leading hotels to protect their lone workers.

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Lone workers in this sector are exposed to risks

Hotel staff often work alone late into the night to continually provide their customers the best possible service and a relaxing, stress-free stay.

However, there are risks involved. Some hotel guests can become abusive, aggressive and even violent. For employees, this can be incredibly intimidating and potentially dangerous.

Door supervisors, security staff and customer facing staff are all at risk of encountering violence and assault from angry or drunken guests.

Additionally, working into the evening and early hours of the morning means they will need to travel home during unsociable hours. With less people around, this puts them at higher risk of being attacked.

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Hospitality ARC story

A frightening incident involving rowdy and abusive hotel guests led the receptionist to activate their personal safety device, as the situation became critical. Using the two-way audio function, our Incident Manager listened in to what was happening and contacted the police directly through their control room, bypassing the 999 system which saved vital time.

Within minutes, the police had arrived on the scene to restore order and apprehend the aggressors. The hotel’s General Manager was also contacted during the emergency to be informed of the situation, as per the hotel’s personalised emergency escalation instructions.

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Body worn cameras in hospitality

The benefits of body worn cameras are yet to be realised by those in the hospitality industry. After analysing calls into our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), we identified the number of abusive incidents dealt with by hotel workers doubled over the summer months of 2020 compared to 2019.

Equipping staff such as receptionists, security guards and those at the front of house with body worn video technology would act as an effective deterrent for abusive behaviour. Usage in other industries such as healthcare and law enforcement has demonstrated how bodycams have reduced confrontational incidents for frontline workers.

As well as positively changing people’s behaviour, body worn cameras provide a means to capture valuable evidence in the event of an incident that can be used in prosecution.

Hotel manager

I have Night Porters relying on the assurance of an activation; these devices make them feel safe at night. Without this piece of technology, we would not function properly.

Michael Careless, Macdonald Hotels and Resorts
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With over 40 hotels and resorts across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, they are the largest privately owned hotel group in the UK, employing over 4,000 staff.

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