International Traveller

Keep international travellers safe in an emergency by locating and communicating with them while they’re overseas using a two-way crisis communication platform.

SOC Integration

Security teams can see and respond to an emerging crisis or SOS alarm in seconds

Discreet Alarm

Activate an alarm without raising suspicion by pressing the power button or shaking the smartphone


Communicate with people in a specific location immediately

Incident Management

Effectively deal with a crisis with communication audits to see who has read and responded to critical messages
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  • Incident management
  • SOS alarm
  • Discreet alarm
  • Timed activity
  • Mass notification
  • Geofenced messaging
  • What3Words location status
  • ISO 22301 compliant
  • Real-time insight reporting

Dynamic incident management

Protect your overseas travellers in a crisis with Peoplesafe’s International Traveller service, making it easier for managers or SOC to locate and communicate with employees abroad during critical events like terror attacks or extreme weather.

Integrate your security team’s international escalation procedures into our portal to improve situational awareness and location of staff.

Warn and inform staff in specific locations when a crisis happens and ensure that they have the information they need to get to safety through our critical communication platform. Every communication is recorded, so that you can see who has seen and responded to vital messages and can manage risk at a distance more effectively.

Dedicated 24/7 alarm response

Overseas travellers can raise an alarm if they feel threatened, unsafe or unwell wherever they are, whenever they need support. Alarms can be raised discreetly either by shaking the smartphone or pressing the power/lock button.

If you choose to use our ARC, then all alarms are recorded, received and triaged by the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) before being passed to a security team or SOC. Security teams will benefit from a reduction in false alarms as well as receiving all the key information from an expertly trained alarm handler.

Security teams will have access to interactive maps on our portal that display any SOS alarms as they happen. It will also show pins of other nearby users who may need to be contacted if an emergency situation is developing.

Peoplesafe International Traveller service

The technology is packed with features including:

  • SOS alarm: staff can raise an alert when they feel unsafe
  • Mass notification: send 2,000 messages per second
  • Silent override: bypass Do Not Disturb and silent settings

We collect important user information during the onboarding of this service enabling us to respond rapidly in an emergency. When an alarm is raised we will know: who the user is, where they are, and the risks they face. Coupled with a standard escalation plan that is created during set up allows our service to deliver help and support as soon as possible.

For organisations without a SOC, we offer additional services in the form of Eurowatch and Global Response which can extend your alarm response capabilities to an international reach.

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