Breckland Council


One of seven districts in Norfolk, Breckland Council has its base in East Dereham and employs around 300 people, a number of whom spend time working away from the office, in the field, or during unsociable hours.

They have been using Peoplesafe technology for the last six years to provide their people with the peace-of-mind that they are able to get help, no matter when or where they are.

While no Breckland Council job description is considered ‘high risk’, its Corporate Health and Safety Advisor, Nick Kendrick, considers a personal safety service a necessity, not a luxury.

Peoplesafe is part of the ‘kit bag’

“Thankfully, we’ve not had to deal with many employees in dangerous situations, but it would only take one accident or incident to change that, and we’re just not prepared to take the risk”, says Nick Kendrick.

“Health and Safety is a key part of our ethos and one of the main benefits of working with Peoplesafe for the last six years has been the reassurance and peace of mind our lone working employees have. Knowing that someone can see exactly where they are, incidents can be recorded and the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) can listen in, should a difficult situation escalate, summoning assistance from the emergency services if needed.”

Issuing Peoplesafe technology is an important element of Breckland’s personal safety ‘kit bag’ and has never been regarded as a tick-box requirement. Implementation is considered crucially important, and the council conducts regular personal safety awareness training sessions alongside additional device-specific training.

“It can be a challenge to make sure everyone is using their device every time they go out into the field,” says Nick. “When you have staff that are only venturing out a couple of times a week, you not only need to be sure they have the device with them, but also that they are really proficient at using it.”

Clear and well-communicated processes and policies, in conjunction with regular training, has ensured a successful implementation of Peoplesafe within the council’s safety culture.

Technology as PPE

With Breckland making Peoplesafe device training part of a much wider safety training piece going forwards, Nick Kendrick is planning to incorporate the devices as official council PPE.

He says:

“When we issue safety boots or similar safety equipment to staff, there is a regulatory expectation that this kit will be used at all times in the appropriate situations. I want the MySOS and Peoplesafe App to become standard PPE in the same way, so that we can be sure that the employees it is protecting keep it with them as standard and also receive the sufficient training, knowledge and confidence to use it correctly.

“A pair of safety boots can only ever offer limited protection unless you always wear them. Personal safety technology is the same. You may have never had an incident before, but you could in the future and that’s the point.”

“The focus on high standards for personal safety and the technology service that Peoplesafe provides, ensures that everyone at Breckland Council is protected in their role. It also ensures that Breckland continue to meet legislation needs, safeguarding both their people and their organisation for the future. “
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