LONE WORKING IN haulage & distribution

There are over 300,000 HGV drivers in the United Kingdom, of which the majority work alone, often at night.

Lorry driver in orange hi-vis

Drivers are a common target for criminals

Assaults, theft and hijacking are frequently reported in the road haulage industry.

In fact, road freight crime is a common problem and costs the UK economy at least £250 million annually.

Freight crime causes huge economic loss and disruption to the haulage industry and its drivers. It’s a very real and life-threatening problem.

HGV driving on a rural road

Lorries and their trailer loads are often very valuable

Criminals know this and so will seek to target vulnerable vehicles and loads. In 2019, there were 1,199 reported incidents of theft of road freight vehicles. Additionally, DVLA figures reveal that 56,288 motors were stolen by criminals in the same year.

With employers having to meet more and more stringent legislation on protecting their staff, failure to supply adequate means of protection, regardless of where they are or when, can lead to crippling fines, ruined reputations and even jail sentences for owners and directors.

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“We needed a device that would call for help if a driver couldn’t raise the alarm themselves. Peoplesafe’s devices fit the bill perfectly. They’re simple to use, yet robust. Having a backup team that look after our staff is very reassuring”

Dairy Crest Spokesman
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“We needed to ensure that all of our drivers are protected and we all have the assurance that they have a backup in terms of communication and response, Peoplesafe provides us with this.”

Jamie Walker, Gregory Distribution

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