Lone Working in Manufacturing

Manufacturing can be a risky business when it comes to employee safety.

Injuries and fatalities are common

Manufacturing accounts for almost one in five employee injuries and fatalities in the workplace, even though this particular sector only accounts for about 10% of the British workforce. Figures from 2020/2021, show that the HSE fined UK-based manufacturing firms more than £8 million for health and safety breaches.

In 2021, there were 88,000 work-related ill health cases and 20 fatalities in the UK, with slips, trips and falls accounting for 42% of all major injury accidents within the industry.

Keeping workers safe

The recent addition of the ‘Fee for Intervention’ scheme, along with other stringent legislation, highlights the increasing pressure manufacturing organisations are under to deliver employee duty of care.

Cases of Corporate Manslaughter are also on the rise and with the threat of crippling fines and custodial sentences, businesses across the UK can ill afford to ignore their safeguarding responsibility.

Peoplesafe is now partnering with an increasing number of manufacturing, engineering and construction businesses to fulfill this obligation to better protect workers.

Integration with Cat phones

Cat phones are built to military defence specification to ensure they can withstand the harshest and most dangerous environments. Staff working in these areas need a reliable method of communication which is where the Peoplesafe integrated solution comes in.

The Peoplesafe Pro App can be downloaded on a wide range of Cat phones via the integrated Toolbox catalogue to provide enhanced personal safety protection.

Discover the integrated solution
“We chose Peoplesafe due to the quality of the support. The device is easy to use and the escalation procedures simply work.”
Steve Walsh, Wheat Supply Manager, Weetabix
“We needed a device that would call for help if a driver couldn’t raise the alarm themselves. Peoplesafe’s devices fit the bill perfectly. They’re simple to use, yet robust. Having a backup team that look after our staff is very reassuring.”
Dairy Crest Spokesperson
“As a company, we were referred to Peoplesafe by a trustworthy source, and now I’m passing on my own personal recommendation; businesses in the food manufacturing sector who have workers using machinery should equip them with Peoplesafe alarms.”
Rhona Wight, Production Manager, Mackie’s of Scotland

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