The retail sector in the UK employs approximately three million workers across 300,000 outlets.

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Lone workers in this sector are exposed to risks

Lone workers in this sector are exposed to risks in situations such as opening and closing stores; handling cash and banking; supporting warehouse, delivery and distribution operations, and dealing with customers who may be aggressive or confrontational.

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Research shows that more than 20,000 shop workers are physically attacked each year

Research shows that more than 20,000 shop workers are physically attacked each year and an even greater number are exposed to threats of violence and verbal abuse.

This type of abuse can be recorded by activating the Red Alert function on any of our personal safety devices.

Retail work with body worn camera

Body worn cameras in retail

Retailers are increasingly turning to body worn cameras and harnessing the power of technology to protect their staff. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) estimates there have been 50,000 incidents of violence against shopworkers.

Providing both store and security staff with body worn cameras provides a suitable tool for capturing evidence, as well as acting as a deterrent for members of the public who may think twice about abusing staff if they can see their every action is being recorded.

Combining body worn video technology with any existing CCTV can help to cover any blindspots in store. Bodycams are able to move with the employee whether they are at the point of sale, elsewhere in the store or carrying out external duties such as opening or locking up.

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“It’s all about peace of mind and that sense of security that we have gained from implementing the service.”

Duncan Kitching, Pets at Home

“The device and service provided is just what I need to ensure my staff are safe and supported when working alone.”

Laura Blunderfield, Mattressman

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