Lone Working in Retail

The retail sector in the UK employs approximately
3 million workers across 300,000 outlets.

The risks for retail staff

Lone workers in retail are commonly exposed to risks as part of their job description, which might require opening and closing stores, handling cash and banking, supporting warehouses, delivery, and distribution operations, and dealing with customers who may be aggressive or confrontational.

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89% of retail staff have experienced violence or abuse while at work

Research by the British Retail Consortium shows there were 455 incidents of violence or abuse each day in 2019/20, up 7% from 2018/19. This amounts to the equivalent of over 50 incidents an hour or almost one a minute during a typical 9-hour shopping day.

Any employee using Peoplesafe technology can record incidents of abuse by activating the SOS Alarm function on any of our personal safety devices. If the situation escalates our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will notify emergency services.

Body worn cameras in retail

Retailers are increasingly harnessing the power of technology to protect their staff in the form of body worn cameras.

Providing store and security staff with body worn cameras provides an effective deterrent for would-be aggressors, who may think twice about abusing staff if they can see their every action is being recorded. Cameras also capture evidence as an incident unfolds.

Combining body worn video technology with any existing CCTV can help cover blind spots in stores, with bodycams able to move with the employee.

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“It’s all about peace of mind and that sense of security that we have gained from implementing the service. Peoplesafe provides great security at minimal cost.”
Duncan Kitching, Head of Loss Prevention, Pets at Home
“When deploying to colleagues we found it very user friendly. To operate the alarm and train colleagues remotely is extremely easy.”
Duncan Kitching, Head of Loss Prevention, Pets at Home

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