Lone Worker Safety

Peoplesafe is the largest provider of lone worker protection services in the UK, providing the reassurance of reliable and instant response.

How we keep your people safe

In the UK, it’s estimated that over 6 million people are lone workers. We partner with a wide variety of clients from a range of industries and sectors; needing different solutions to keep their people safe.

As industry experts with over 20 years’ experience in the market, we strongly believe that we have a responsibility to guide employers through the process of investing in a personal safety service. We offer a consultative approach where our expert team will take the time to understand your business and the challenges faced by your lone workers so that we can recommend the best solution to meet your needs.

We are accredited to all five parts of BS 8484:2022 ensuring the fastest police response through our unique reference numbers (URNs). We hold URNs for every UK police force which allow us to bypass the 999 system and initiate a level 1 police response.

Our Lone Worker Alarms

Keep your lone workers safe 24/7, wherever they are, with the Peoplesafe Lone Worker Alarms.

Our lone worker alarms are dedicated to protecting employees working alone. They have all the features needed to give your lone workers complete confidence to work safely whoever they are meeting, wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

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Lone Working Solution FAQs

What is a lone worker system?

A lone worker solution is a service that uses SOS devices or apps to provide people working alone with a way to call for help in an emergency. The SOS alarm is usually handled by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Lone working is legal. Although there is no specific law that covers lone working, general health and safety legislation must be complied with.

A Lone Working Policy is not a legal requirement the same as a Health & Safety Policy; however, an effective Lone Working Policy contributes to the safety of your lone workers and provides guidance for working alone.

It’s not necessary to conduct a separate risk assessment for lone workers, they should be considered in an employer’s general risk assessment.

Lone workers face the same hazards as anyone else, but there is greater risk of them causing harm. Typically, lone worker risks fall into one of three categories.
1. People – work involves being close to people who pose a potential risk
2. Environment – the workplace itself poses a risk (e.g. remote location)
3. Task – the job itself poses a risk (operating machinery)

Lone working can affect the worker’s mental health by causing work-related stress and associated conditions such as anxiety and depression, making them feel disconnected from the business, or giving them feelings of loneliness and isolation.

A lone worker alarm is provided to an employee working alone so that they can signal for help when no one else is around. Without colleagues nearby, the outcome of any incident is likely to be more severe for lone workers. Equipped with a lone worker alarm, they can raise a SOS alert which is handled by a 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre who can send help to their location.

Lone Working: Everything an Employer Needs to Know

Our comprehensive guide answers all the key questions you might have about lone working including:

  • Who are lone workers?
  • How to identify lone workers in your business
  • Lone working rights and responsibilities
  • How can I keep lone workers safe?
  • When is lone working not OK?
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The Role of Technology in Protecting Lone Workers

Find out more about the role of technology in protecting lone workers in our recent whitepaper.
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Alarm Receiving Centre

The Alarm Receiving Centre is the hub of where we receive and deal with personal safety alarm activations, whether they are false alarms, planned activations or genuine incidents.

Watch our video to gain an insight into how the ARC works including:

  • Building specifications
  • Accreditations
  • Use of Unique Reference Numbers (URNs)
  • The process for handling an alarm

At Peoplesafe we are working solely on the protection of lone workers. We are the largest provider of lone worker protection services in the uk.

We call this an ARC and that’s short for alarm receiving centre. It is the hub of where we receive personal safety alarms activations, so they come in a way of false alarm, planned activations or they could be genuine incidents.

It’s very secure it has no windows, it’s bomb proof, ram raid proof, etc, it’s surrounded by reinforced concrete and steel. We hold the European standard for an alarm receiving centre which is EN505a, we also operate under BS 8484 which is the British standard for managing lone worker alarms.

We work with a wide range of industries and a number of sectors both public sector and private sector. So in the public sector we work extensively with the NHS we do a lot of work with police constabularies around protection of domestic abuse victims and we also do a lot of work with the private sector from construction companies to hotels, hospitality, retail. There are so many use cases that arise today where employees need that form of protection.

We have something called a URN and that is called a unique reference number that is allocated to all the police services so in the event of a serious incident or a threat to life we have the resource to be able to call a different number other to 999 which will allow the police force to arrive within three to four minutes.

We actually manufacture the products themselves we sell them, we service them, we provide the alarm receiving centre which a lot of organisations actually outsource that but we actually do it internally.

We are the only lone working solutions company that has a contract with all of the constabularies.

If they activate an alarm it send simultaneously sends a text message and a phone call to the alarm receiving centre here. We must pick that up within 10 seconds, but we then monitor that to listen to what’s happening so if we can hear a furore in the background then we need to try and get an understanding by listening of exactly what’s happening, and we wouldn’t engage with the user until we believed it was safe to do so.

End to end in this building everything is covered for you we don’t use third parties for any part of our service the ark is in-house it’s been certified to the highest standards of BS 8484 all the processes all the people that work the way we work is all built around lone working services.

Our lone workers are very happy with their new devices, and we have been incredibly impressed with Peoplesafe’s service too. We have a dedicated account manager who is always friendly, helpful and quick to respond, and they ensured that the whole set-up process went very smoothly, despite the complexity of our organisation. Peoplesafe’s dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre has also been brilliant on the few occasions our employees have needed support.
Liz Dewell, Group Health and Safety Manager, The Calico Group
We would strongly recommend Peoplesafe to all organisations looking to protect their employees. Not only will you receive a first class service, but your staff will have complete peace of mind when working alone.
Adrain Dyer, Regional Sales Director, Wain Homes
The device and service provided is just what I need to ensure my staff are safe and supported when working alone. I love the fact that you have a dedicated call centre where there is always a person on the end of the line. I know that if my staff require assistance, and can’t get to a phone, they have constant support.
Laura Blunderfield, Area Sales Manager, Mattressman

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We offer robust and compact solutions for employees working in remote areas where mobile signal may be unreliable.
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