Building Society


Being regulated and having an obligation to maintain service delivery for their customers, a UK mutual building society had an operational dilemma when their Office 365 service failed.

Not only did this affect their ability to maintain business communications, the Office 365 service was also used for emergency communication had been lost.

The society’s head of IT commented “we were fortunate that the team were able to bring the service back, in a relatively short space of time but this created an opportunity to find a solution which would overcome this situation in the future”

Their challenge

The business decided that it was time to implement a solution which would support emergency communication for other anticipated events and help the business to comply with FSA and PRA regulations.

Their requirements include:

• Cloud based service “air gapped” from internal IT system
• The ability to send critical messages and guarantee a fast response
• The ability for users to respond to messages and for administrators to access real-time usage reports
• Access to message audit logs to help compliance with BS22301
• Cost effective

“After extensive market research, we found that Peoplesafe Alert met all of our criteria.”

The Peoplesafe Alert solution

Instead of relying on email and SMS, the Peoplesafe emergency messaging service delivers its messages to a dedicated app that can be installed on end users smartphones, tablets and desktops. End users know that if they receive a message via Peoplesafe Alert, something urgent is happening and they need to respond.

In addition, the service has the ability to override end user’s devices, which are set to silent or do not disturb, and message notifications can repeat until the end user has opened the messages or responded in the required manner, helping to reduce message response times from hours to seconds.

The results

“We have deployed the Peoplesafe Alert service onto end user devices using our MDM and the integration with Active Directory means our users are automatically provisioned onto the service, and will also be removed should they leave the society.

We are now looking to extend use of the service to help maintain our staff levels during busy times and may also ingrate with our fire alarm system, to improve site evacuations and lockdowns.

We see Peoplesafe Alert becoming a centralise notification service for our entire IT eco system and as it also helps meet our FSA and PRA regulatory obligations, would highly recommend its use within the finance sector.”
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