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Reduced staffing levels have made lone working commonplace

The Office of National Statistics states there are over 120,000 Housing Officers and Social Workers in the UK, as well as nearly 60,000 Youth and Community workers employed.

The dangers of home visits often hit the headlines following assaults on care workers, including in extreme cases, deaths.

These staff reductions force service providers to send more lone workers into the homes of vulnerable people whose behaviour is often potentially violent.

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How do I protect my lone workers?

Our clients within the Housing Association sector use our service to protect a wide variety of employees; Enforcement Officers, Rent Recovery Officers, Benefits Assessors, Housing Officers, Surveyors, Community Caretakers, IT and Support Staff to name but a few.

Whilst the job roles often face differing risks and each individual may have their own unique personal set of circumstances (such as a medical condition), the Peoplesafe service is flexible and able to tailor a solution for anyone.

Peoplesafe can limit or avoid the huge cost of loss of, or damage to physical business assets by enabling employees to summon fast, effective backup in the event of an incident.

What’s more, it’s proven to help increase morale and staff confidence knowing that if they need assistance fast, there is a highly trained professional there at all times to assist them in any emergency.

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“The reliability is a major factor obviously. The service is simple to set up and easy to use but it needs to work for people to trust it. Peoplesafe, quite simply, works.”

Andy Turner, Yorkshire Coast Homes
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“The device does everything we need it to do and more, and all of this at a price point that couldn’t be beaten. Overall, it’s an excellent solution for lone worker protection in a wide range of potential scenarios.”

Ian Whitwell, Muir Group

“The Peoplesafe device enables us to work in the community with confidence, as we are given a greater sense of security and wellbeing, knowing that there is a person at the other end and not a recording.”

Patricia Smith, Optivo

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