Lone Working in the Housing Sector

Peoplesafe is already protecting over 100 housing associations across Britain.

Reduced staffing levels mean more lone workers

According to the Office of National Statistics states there are over 120,000 Housing Officers and Social Workers in the UK, in addition to almost 60,000 Youth and Community staff.

In recent years, a decrease in staffing levels has forced many service providers to send out an increasing number of lone workers on visits, where they too often find themselves in danger of abuse or attack. Shockingly, 47% have experienced violence or aggression at work.

Protecting your workers

Employers have a duty of care towards staff and many within the Housing Association sector are already using Peoplesafe technology to protect Enforcement Officers, Rent Recovery Officers, Benefits Assessors, Housing Officers, Surveyors, Community Caretakers, IT and Support Staff.

As well as protecting people, Peoplesafe can limit or avoid the huge cost of loss of, or damage to physical business assets by empowering employees to summon fast, effective backup in the event of an incident.

Feedback tells us we are already increasing morale and staff confidence in this sector, providing reassurance that should assistance be required quickly, there is an expertly trained professional ready to respond 24/7.

“We’ve found the system incredibly easy to use and is very beneficial in allowing staff to call in and set alarms in case there’s an emergency.”
Marion Virgo, Health and Safety Consultant, Advance Housing
“I cannot pin-point one thing that we find great about Peoplesafe’s service, everything is impressive, including the price. I would recommend their service to anyone who is looking at a lone worker solution. Having used other known devices in the past, Peoplesafe is by far the best one that we have used.”
Nichola Chalmers, Head of HR at Clearsprings Group, Ready Homes
“The device does everything we need it to do and more, and all of this at a price point that couldn’t be beaten. Overall, it’s an excellent solution for lone worker protection in a wide range of potential scenarios.”
Ian Whitwell, Head of ICT, Muir Housing

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