Proactively manage people risk effectively

Protect and oversee the safety of your people

Proactively manage people risk across your business with our award-winning platform that seamlessly connects your staff, managers and our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) in one place.

Spend more time improving risk management with insightful, customisable reports that provide you with the data you need to make changes to improve personal security.

Simple people management

Mirror the way your organisation is structured with the flexibility to create Teams and Groups. Data can be quickly and accurately uploaded in bulk, saving you time and effort while eliminating the need to manually enter the information.

The easy-to-navigate interface allows managers and administrators to maintain essential team information instantly. All changes are made in real-time and immediately updated across your account.

Managers have a comprehensive 360º view of an employee’s safety in one location, including contact details, medical information, voice notes and activity timers.

Secure permission profiles

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) profiles enable you to protect sensitive data and ensure employees only have access to necessary information and actions.

Nexus has four RBAC profiles. A profile can have one or multiple roles assigned to them, with the highest access role taking priority.

  1. Administrator – owns the company account and has access to everything
  2. Manager – can access everything that is assigned to their Teams
  3. Escalation Contact – an advisory role when contacted by the ARC and has access to their own profile
  4. User – an individual who uses the Peoplesafe app or device and has access to their own profile

Guided onboarding

Nexus is designed to be simple and intuitive, enabling anyone to get started quickly. Interactive online onboarding guides employees through the process by prompts and tooltips within the platform.

Our expert training team run live and on-demand webinars which are supported by video tutorials, eBooks, eLearning and an extensive resource centre.

The range and different formats of the training materials allow everyone to learn in the most effective way.

Flexible reporting

Visually engaging reports provide insights into how your teams use the Peoplesafe service. The Nexus Dashboard presents a clear and concise overview of all your employees and their activities within your account.

  • Streamline the reporting process with timely scheduled reports to receive a consistent and reliable flow of data.
  • Schedule automated arrival reports with Nexus to confidently ensure employee’s safely get to work and reduce time manually checking on their welfare.
  • Real-time reporting provides immediate insights into user behaviour, empowering you to make faster and more informed decisions.
  • Our interactive live map allows you to monitor alarms in real-time, fostering proactive response and swift action.

Nexus APIs

Reduce admin time & streamline operations with our API-driven workforce management integration.

Nexus seamlessly connects with your existing external HR and workforce management systems via APIs. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces errors, and improves user experience.

Explore Nexus APIs

Insight from our Customer Development Partners

“Nexus is well thought out, showing information that actually matters to managers.”
“In general, the reporting tools brought the focus back to H&S and that is exactly what we wanted – allowing us, as a customer, to understand the risks, not just a line-by-line audit of data.”
“Being able to see how many alarms we had received relating to “violence” or “domestic abuse” is a huge step in the right direction.”
“The depth of detail we can now go into at the user and escalation level, to even fine-tune our own preferred process workflow is positive.”

See how it works

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