81% of Local Authority lone workers are concerned about violence and aggression.

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Council lone workers

Councils employ a wide range of lone workers, ranging from; Social Workers, Enforcement Officers, Committee Officers, Building Control Officers, Environmental Health Officers, Meals on Wheels delivery workers, Benefits teams and many more.

More and more Local Authorities are fully committed to minimising risks to lone workers; staff safety is absolutely paramount, and Peoplesafe already help Councils up and down the country meet their lone working health and safety obligations.

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Some job roles posing greater risks than others

Social workers often have to deal with emotionally charged situations and traffic wardens face aggression on a day-to-day basis.

Care staff also face risks and market inspectors, or planning officers on site visits, can face resentment from the public too.

It’s not just risks faced in the community either – a 2013 study by Community Care showed social workers and care staff are as likely to fall victim to attacks during meetings in an office as they are on home visits.

Local authority employees working across multiple locations may also be at risk of trips, slips and falls when travelling between sites.

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“To know where employees are at any one time in the event of an emergency is priceless. Being able to input individual staff details, such as if they have diabetes was also a deciding factor when choosing Peoplesafe”

Sandra Farrington, Harlow Council
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“In service, the devices have proved their value time and time again, not least by providing the officers with constant reassurance that, if necessary, they can summon help quickly. That has made their lives much more comfortable and made it a lot easier for them to do their jobs.”

Ian Lockett, Cheshire East Council

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