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Why choose Peoplesafe?

Peoplesafe partners with over 300 local authorities and have been protecting public service workers for over 20 years. This in-depth understanding of the safety risks in this industry means we can provide the best-in-class service to meet the varied needs of council staff.

Aggression and violence, in particular have become a major concern in council workplaces. Violence against local authority workers is at an all-time high with 10,000 more workplace violent incidents recorded compared to the previous 12 months.

Peoplesafe is the largest employee protection technology provider in the world with a dedicated service to protecting people and nothing else.

  • A suite of solutions to mitigate multiple different risks.
  • Approved supplier on G-Cloud and PfH.
  • Guaranteed police response.
  • Trusted to protect over 36,000 council staff.
  • Highest levels of accreditation (including BS 8484:2022, EN 50518:2019 and BS 9518: 2021).
  • ISO 27001: 2017 and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Continuous training offered via a wide range of options which can be embedded into your LMS.
  • Best-in-class online portal that allows staff to self-manage.

Councils who already protect their staff with Peoplesafe

in the number of violent incidents towards council staff
of Councillors
won’t stand again due to abuse and intimidation
of Social Workers
abused by service users

Low Risks

  • Staff travelling between meetings or appointments
  • Lone working admin staff
  • Working in remote areas away from colleagues
  • Taking public transport or walking home after work

Mid-Level Risks

  • Verbal abuse and threats
  • Facilities management
  • Slips, trips, falls and health incidents

High Risks

  • Violence and aggression
  • Home visits
  • Surgeries
  • Risk of attack or robbery
  • Terror threats

Popular protection solutions

User Stories

Social Worker Abused

A social worker was visiting a client’s home to carry out a routine visit when their neighbour became verbally abusive. The user tried to de-escalate the situation but was beginning to feel unsafe, so discreetly raised an alarm to the ARC to provide peace of mind while not escalating the situation.

The Controller could hear the commotion in the background, so called the user on their mobile phone using the details on their user profile. Once through to the user, the Controller gathered more information about the situation and contacted the police on behalf of the user, passing over information from the Peoplesafe Portal, including the user’s precise location, description, and risk profile. The police arrived on the scene within 10 minutes and were able to take over handling the aggressor. 

Ticket Officer Attacked

A ticket enforcement officer was working patrolling a local car park when three members of the public became aggressive towards him. At first, they were shouting verbal abuse at the ticket officer, but they soon turned violent and began physically attacking him. The ticket enforcement officer could not get away from the attackers so activated an SOS alarm to the Peoplesafe ARC.

The Controller began monitoring the call, at which time the user stated that they were bleeding and needed help. As urgent help was required, the Controller wasted no time in contacting the police via the URN, bypassing the 999 system and saving valuable time. In the background the Controller continued to monitor the severity of the situation and followed the user’s escalation procedure, alerting his manager to the situation. The police arrived within 6 minutes of the SOS button being pressed and took over handling the incident.

“The service provided by Peoplesafe is the best on the market. It’s easy, simple and does what it says on the tin. We would recommend Peoplesafe as it works alongside our risk assessments and takes care of our lone working safety concerns.”
Kevin Watkins, Area & Parks Manager, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
“Having Peoplesafe deliver the training made a big difference, reinforcing the benefits of the technology to the teams that use it. They’re really easy to work with too – our contact there is very responsive to new requests for devices and their support in establishing a straightforward onboarding and returns process makes life easier for everyone.”
Ian Kimmett, Head of Corporate Health & Safety, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Council
“To know where employees are at any one time in the event of an emergency is priceless. Being able to input individual staff details, such as if they have diabetes was also a deciding factor when choosing Peoplesafe.”
Sandra Farrington, Facilities Manager, Harlow Council
“I would definitely recommend Peoplesafe. The device is good, the network behind the device is reliable and effective and the administration and set up is made easy”
Annie Sargent, Corporate Health & Safety Advisor, Dartford and Sevenoaks Council

Protect Duty Legislation

Protect Duty legislation is designed to improve the protection of publicly accessible places from terrorist attacks. The legislation is intended to ensure that businesses and organisations are better prepared to deal with – and respond to – serious incidents.

It will apply to all public spaces which are managed and protected by local authorities; therefore, all 333 councils in the UK will be affected and required to have a Protect Plan in place.

As a disaster unfolds, communicating quickly and effectively with those on the ground is absolutely key to cutting down response time and allowing a rapid exchange of accurate information. This is where Peoplesafe Alert comes in.

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