The TWIG EX is an intrinsically safe and highly durable SOS alarm that is ATEX/IECEX approved that protects lone workers operating within a hazardous environment. Ideal for potentially explosive areas such as airports and power stations.​

SOS Alarm

Activating the SOS Alarm will open an two-way audio channel with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) – protection when you need it.

IP67 Rated

Waterproof durable casing provides protection against dust, rain, splashing and accidental submersion for 30 minutes up to 1 metre of water.

ATEX Approved

Designed to be used in all hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

Fall Detection

Automatically raises an alarm to the ARC in an event of a slip, trip or fall.
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  • Certified to BS 8484:2022
  • Accredited by ‘Secured by Design’
  • Intrinsically safe, ATEX/IECEX approved
  • Two-way audio communications
  • Automatic Fall Detection on tilt and non-movement
  • Configurable keypad
  • Shock and water-resistant to IP67
  • Can withstand temperatures from -20 to 40°C
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fast GPS locating
  • Dedicated SOS Alarm
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Suitable for lone workers

Emergency response
faster than 999

Getting help to you quickly, no matter when or where, is what sets our service above anyone else.

Our dedicated, state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operates 24/ 7/ 365 with trained experts ready to react immediately.

  • Direct access to local emergency services wherever you are through our URNs
  • National private security response units for swifter action where needed
  • Discreet recorded monitoring in conflict situations
  • Accredited to the highest standards

Durable against gas, dust, water and explosive environments

Along with two-way audio, GPS and Fall Detection capabilities, the TWIG Ex device also features pre-defined buttons for voice calls and a dedicated button to raise an alarm in an emergency. As it’s ATEX rated, it’s designed to be used in all hazardous environments, including explosive areas.

Certified to BS 8484:2022 and NPCC’s coveted ‘Secured by Design’ accolade, the Twig Ex is fully compatible with our lone worker monitoring software. Our intuitive, online portal will help you monitor and review how employees interact with their Twig devices.

Designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, the TWIG Ex is essential for those working in high-risk environments.

Accredited to BS 8484:2022

See how the TWIG Ex complies with BS 8484:2022 (the British Standard for suppliers of device/app based lone worker services).

  • Audio SOS Alarm capability — Yes, two-way voice
  • SOS Alarm call will keep trying if unsuccessful — Yes, up to nine times
  • SOS Alarm call is confirmed as answered — Device will vibrate
  • Operator can dial in to the device — Authorised number only
  • Log Activity capability — Yes, timer is at the Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Location of device is available — Via Log Activity and GPS
  • Sufficient battery life and low battery warning — Phone-based low battery warning
  • Signal strength indication — Yes

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