Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey PLC is one of the UK’s leading house builders. They have a full range of developments ranging from houses for first time buyers to executive family properties.

Taylor Wimpey sales staff accompany clients looking for their dream homes. Exciting times for prospective homeowners but it involves an element of risk for Taylor Wimpey employees. Rare but not unheard of, sales staff can be subject to threats and violence. The company were keen to investigate the most suitable way to protect their lone workers.

Taking action

After carrying out a feasibility study on alarms for lone worker protection, Taylor Wimpey chose Peoplesafe to help protect their lone workers with safety devices. It was felt that these were more practical than fitting fixed alarms in properties.

“When considering the protection of our sales personnel we wanted to create a partnership whereby staff had the impetus and infrastructure to manage their safety.”
Karen Cullis, National Marketing Manager

The device can also be used to alert Peoplesafe lone worker safety experts, who can make audio recordings of incidents of verbal abuse, which can then help secure convictions. This feature is useful as verbal abuse offenders often feel they are immune from legal prosecution because mobile phones can’t be relied upon to capture evidence of abuse.

Safe as houses

Taylor Wimpey can now access expert support from Peoplesafe including the 24/7 monitoring service, 365 days a year. Sales staff are free to show prospective buyers around houses confident that someone is watching out for them.

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