NRS Healthcare

NRS Healthcare delivers community equipment, wheelchair, service and maintenance, telecare and clinical services to local authorities and the NHS. It also supplies aids for daily living products to a wide range of organisations, professionals and direct to the public throughout the UK and Ireland.

The nature of its business means that many NRS employees work alone, some managing the distribution, use and maintenance of equipment, others visiting patients in their own homes in their role as occupational therapists.

A number of these patients are elderly, some with mental health issues or learning disabilities, and while there has never been an incident to date where an NRS employee has felt directly threatened, there have been occasions where a number of them have felt vulnerable.

Safeguarding staff with tangible reassurance

When Simon Jones joined NRS as Head of HSE, he understood that the business could be doing more to protect its lone workforce. “I was already familiar with the Peoplesafe technology and understood how it could provide a tangible extra layer of reassurance for our lone working professionals”, he says. “Staff had been asking for this additional layer of support for a while.”

“As a business, we cover a diverse range of geographical areas, some urban, others very remote with no mobile signal. I felt it was essential to provide staff with a discreet personal safety device that could offer a fast response if needed. Above all I wanted to make them feel safer. The MySOS device looks like a badge, so it doesn’t stand out or attract lots of attention. It just does its job.”

Discreet, intuitive Peoplesafe tech

Roll out of the Peoplesafe MySOS device across NRS’s 580-strong lone workforce took place over a three-month period and uptake has been good. “We’ve been very happy with the support we’ve received from Peoplesafe, which has made the technology very easy to implement”, says Simon Jones.

“We have also tested the device and been happy with the response from staff. There has been a couple of false activations but thankfully no-one has had to use the device for real. I hope this continues. But the key thing is that now we have extra protection in place. Just in case.”

A thumbs up from employees

 “In the last NRS employee engagement survey, employee satisfaction around safety was scored at 50% by staff”, says Simon Jones.

“When we recently repeated the survey, post rolling out the Peoplesafe MySOS devices, that score increased to 85%. The figure speaks for itself. Our lone workers now feel safer and that’s extremely important to us as a business.”
Simon Jones, Head of HSE, NRS Healthcare
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