Peoplesafe Pro Lone Worker App

Transform any smartphone into a personal SOS alarm for lone and high-risk workers who need enhanced protection in their roles.

Immediate SOS Alarm

With a push of a button you’re immediately connected to our state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with two-way audio.

Discreet Alarm

Activate an alarm without raising suspicion by pressing the power button or shaking the smartphone.

Fall Detection*

Immediate alarm activation and two-way communications for any fall that is followed by non-movement.

Wearable Technology

Pair the app with the Bluetooth Button which may be an easier way of raising an alarm.
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  • Discreet alarm
  • Pair with wearable technology
  • Welfare check
  • Check in/out
  • Log activity timer
  • Text activity
  • Fall detection*
  • BS 8484:2022 certified (suitable for lone workers)
  • One or two-way audio communications
  • Customisable tiles
  • What3Words location status

Emergency response
faster than 999

Getting help to you quickly, no matter when or where, is what sets our service above anyone else.

Our dedicated, state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operates 24/ 7/ 365 with trained experts ready to react immediately.

  • Direct access to local emergency services wherever you are through our URNs
  • National private security response units for swifter action where needed
  • Discreet recorded monitoring in conflict situations
  • Accredited to the highest standards

Accredited Lone Working App

The Peoplesafe Pro lone worker mobile app is accredited to BS 8484 and offers personal protection in your pocket. It is simple to use with enhanced features for lone workers who require extra protection. Available for Android and iOS operating systems, the app can raise SOS alarms, set timers for tasks, check in and out of the working day and provide accurate GPS locations in an emergency.

phone platform

Receive the right help as soon as you need it by pressing the SOS button with expertly trained ARC Controllers ready to respond 24/7 to any incident. The Peoplesafe Pro App fits effortlessly into the working day and prevents workers from having to carry a separate piece of equipment. Typically, employees will keep their smartphones charged and carry it with them at all times.

You can also use the Peoplesafe lone working app in conjunction with our Bluetooth Smart Button accessory for even easier, more discreet personal protection.

Best Lone Worker App

Lone working apps offer a cost-effective alternative to dedicated devices with no hardware costs, just the license subscription fee with the lone worker service provider.

With the ability to be installed on most smartphones and be easily updated when a new version is released, the popularity of lone worker apps is increasing. The share of workers using app-based solutions is only expected to grow over the coming years.

The Peoplesafe Pro app was the first in the market to achieve BS 8484 accreditation. Discover why the original lone worker app is still the best in the market and the go-to option for employers looking to protect their staff.

11 Reasons Why the Peoplesafe Pro App is the Best
“I have been impressed by the versatility of the Peoplesafe Pro App and its broad range of features, which slotted into our existing technology and enabled us to tackle the issue of lone worker safety without the need for additional devices or equipment.”
Mark Gordon, ESH&Q Manager, SRL Traffic Systems
“With Peoplesafe via smartphone, our staff can utilise existing equipment, which we have already invested in and staff are familiar with, thus reducing costs, but still retaining a high quality of service.”
Alan Pert, First Bus Glasgow
“The system allows us to log activities and use mobiles covertly to summon assistance should the situation require.”
Brian Gippert, H&S Officer, Link Group
“To know where employees are at any one time in the event of an emergency is priceless. Being able to input individual staff details, such as if they have diabetes was also a deciding factor when choosing Peoplesafe.”
Sandra Farrington, Harlow Council
“Our managerial staff make full use of the Peoplesafe reports such as the monitoring reports allowing managers the ability to immediately pinpoint staff’s location in the event of an alarm being raised. Having the Peoplesafe service has been a significant selling point to our funders, as it demonstrates our commitment not only to staff safety but also to excellence.”
Alan Coleman, Addiction NI

Lone Worker App FAQs

What is a lone worker app?

A lone worker app is an application that can be downloaded on smartphones designed to protect employees working alone.

The most basic function of a lone worker app is to raise an SOS alarm when the user needs help, for example if they’re in danger, suffer an injury or feel threatened.

A lone worker app is linked with a 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). When the SOS alarm button is pressed, an alert is raised in the ARC and audio communication is opened between the smartphone and the ARC Controller.

You can also use a lone worker app to set timers for specific tasks and to check in/out of the working day.

The Peoplesafe Pro lone worker app is available to download from both the Apple Store and the Play Store. Before gaining access to the app’s features, your employer will need to have purchased a User ID and User Token

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