The Office of Rail and Road recently reported that there were 10,422 incidents that resulted in injury to staff on the UK’s rail network

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Employees within the transport industry frequently face the risk of assault or abuse. From delivery drivers on the road to public transport workers such as ticket inspectors and bus drivers – they’re all vulnerable, especially as many work in isolation often in unsociable hours.

The nature of risk faced by these employees can range from verbal abuse, armed robbery, racial threats, physical abuse, threat by knives and firearm, aggression and kidnaps.

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In the public transport sector there is a strong link between anti-social behaviour and staff assaults. Offences against staff arise from a minor issues such as fare dodging or dealing with irate passengers over delays.

Alcohol is a major factor in staff assaults – contributing to 28% of incidents. In addition, it is found that risk can increase when working late or early morning shifts. Overall, the majority of London Underground reported that 45% of work-related violence remain related to fare evasion, in particular not having a ticket for travel.


“With Peoplesafe via smartphone, our staff can utilise existing equipment, which we have already invested in and staff are familiar with, thus reducing costs, but still retaining a high quality of service.

Alan Pert, First Bus, Glasgow

The accessibility to services, functionality and rapid delivery timescale sets Peoplesafe apart from other lone worker protection providers.

David Field, London North Eastern Railway (LNER)

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