Home Worker Safety

Our market-leading technology empowers home and hybrid workers to stay safe, keeping them connected and feeling supported.

Protecting home and hybrid workers

For some employees, the office or company headquarters is a place they visit only occasionally – if at all. Working from home, for at least part of the week, is becoming the norm, meaning that the secure and safe environment provided by the office simply isn’t there to support them should something untoward happen.

Although home working can boost employee morale by offering flexibility and freedom on the one hand; on the other hand, working from home can be lonely and isolating among other risks.

The high profile cases of violence against has also highlighted the need to ensure that all employees have access to a personal safety solution – not least when travelling to and from the office. In all of these cases employers need to be able to reassure their employees that their safety continues to be a priority.

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Making every space a safe space

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that hybrid working employees have a safe environment to work in whether that’s from the office, from home or anywhere else. In the same way that help should be available in any office, its equivalent should ensure that those working at home face no more risk than employees on-site.

Peoplesafe offers a cost-effective service that allows home and hybrid workers to raise an alarm to our state-of-the-art ARC at the touch of a button. The Peoplesafe App is a smartphone application that provides round-the-clock protection for low-risk employees. More than just a panic button, the Peoplesafe App offers a live connection to our 24/7, fully accredited ARC, at the touch of a button. Managed by experts, our alarm controllers will monitor all alarms to assess the situation and respond accordingly.

Personal Safety App

Alarm Receiving Centre

The Alarm Receiving Centre is the hub of where we receive and deal with personal safety alarm activations, whether they are false alarms, planned activations or genuine incidents.

Watch our video to gain an insight into how the ARC works including:

  • Building specifications
  • Accreditations
  • Use of Unique Reference Numbers (URNs)
  • The process for handling an alarm

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