Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) have staff based in around 200 locations across South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. The Trust employs approximately 3,700 staff, and the estates and facilities team provide support to clinical and medical staff.

The Trust’s domestic services team maintains hygiene standards which are crucial within any healthcare organisation. Due to the continuous nature of providing healthcare, the Trust’s domestic services team work shifts during unsociable hours which often results in them working alone. Protecting staff is a priority for the Trust.

According to the HSE, workers such as cleaners are faced with many hazardous situations on a daily basis. Slips, trips, and falls are all common causes for injury within this sector. When working alone, the element of risk is greatly increased. With no one around you at the time of an accident, reaching out for help could be challenging.

The trust decided to minimise these risks and equipped its staff with Peoplesafe’s BS 8484:2022 accredited MySOS personal safety devices. Peoplesafe – an approved supplier on the NHS Supply Chain trading as Skyguard – is proven in use and already works with over 100 NHS Trusts in providing premium lone worker safety.

The MySOS – a compact personal safety alarm can be activated discreetly by a user pressing the SOS button. The device’s design is small and compact, it can be attached securely to a belt, worn around the neck, or slotted onto the back of an identity badge holder. This functionality provides the cleaners with protection with ease as there is no need for the device to be handheld at any time.

Devices are linked to Peoplesafe’s 24 hour operated Alarm Receiving Centre. When a user raises an alert, a two-way audio connection is initiated allowing them to speak directly with Peoplesafe’s Alarm Controllers. The Alarm Controllers will listen in for signs of danger. If they feel that the user needs assistance, they are able to contact the emergency services by bypassing the 999 system, ensuring for prompt response times.

“Peoplesafe’s service helps our domestic staff feel reassured that while working alone they have 24/7 backup. It’s great to know that with this system in place there is always someone at the other end to take the call and the staff feel more comfortable in their working environment”.
Julie Watson, Support Services Manager
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