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Some of our clients

Grand Union Housing

“We have prioritised the roll-out of Peoplesafe technology across the whole group. We treat it the same as any other item of health and safety equipment, wherever our staff find themselves working alone.”


“Peoplesafe enables me to observe the service usage online at any time. Plus, I can easily swap devices between users at the click of a mouse… it’s so easy.”


“We chose Peoplesafe due to the quality of the support. The device is easy to use and the escalation procedures simply work.”

The Wildlife Trusts

“Since using Peoplesafe, I have recommended them to other Wildlife Trusts and conservation organisations because of the service and the suitability of the unit.” Su summarises, “we’re staying with Peoplesafe, because they are so easy to work with.”

Avant Homes

“yes, definitely. The support I have personally received from Peoplesafe’s support team has been excellent. They made setting up teams and reporting groups within the online portal very easy and hassle free”

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Ensuring that our high risk lone working groups have a system in place to keep them safe is obviously really important and it’s great that we’ve been able to introduce Peoplesafe to do this. Working on this during the pandemic has brought particular challenges, but I’d like to thank the managers and their teams who’ve engaged with the project and also Peoplesafe, who have been really accommodating and made sure that the system they’ve provided us with is tailored specifically to our needs.

Although the project has come to an end, we’re still working closely with Peoplesafe with regular meetings to look at further improvements. These include giving managers access to the portal so they can oversee their team’s data and usage alongside the scheduled reporting.

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The Peoplesafe service can be utilised through a range of tech-enabled solutions and add-ons to mitigate a variety of hazards. Using our ‘People Environment Task’ risk methodology, one of our experienced consultants will be happy to identify the best solution for your needs.
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