Dignity, a leading provider of funeral services in the UK, owns over 700 funeral branches, 46 crematoria, and 28 cemeteries. With a vision to be the most trusted, respected, and valued end-of-life service provider, Dignity has a rich history, pioneering pre-arranged funeral plans with over 600,000 currently in place.

As a people-focused business, Dignity wanted to improve the care and wellbeing of its Funeral Directors and other employees who sometimes work alone or travel to meet with bereaved families in their homes.

But they didn’t want to stop there. Dignity wanted to make sure everyone felt safe, no matter their role or potential risk in their daily roles. They sought to use this initiative to boost employee retention and recruitment efforts. By offering an attractive and innovative benefits package for all employees, Dignity set out to distinguish itself as a forward-thinking and employee-centric organisation.

The Challenge

Dignity faced the challenge of addressing the disparate safety needs of employees working alone, in remote locations, or operating outside of regular office hours. The mental health and wellbeing implications of their staff’s daily work involving end-of-life arrangements were also a core consideration. The diverse nature of responsibilities within the company presented a need for a robust and flexible solution.

Employees working in funeral homes and other business premises alone encounter distinct challenges due to the sensitive nature of their tasks and interactions with the public at times of emotional stress. This particularly applies to Funeral Directors who work in situations where emotions can be at their highest, such as responding to bereavement callouts or conducting funeral arrangements in someone’s home.



Certain colleagues are tasked with handling hazardous equipment or machinery, for example, the embalming process involves using strong chemicals and cremation ovens reach over 1400°. In other areas of the organisation, funeral service workers are involved in heavy lifting, such as moving caskets, while grounds-staff in crematoria and cemeteries are frequently working out of sight of other people and away from the main buildings.

Extending Safety Beyond the Workplace

Dignity also recognises that personal safety is not confined to the workplace, as many employees seek peace of mind when commuting to and from work, attending off-site meetings and in their personal lives. With this in mind, they wanted to extend any personal safety technology service to office-based staff, ensuring that they too can have this sense of reassurance in their daily lives.

Seeking an all-encompassing solution, Dignity searched for a 24/7 safety service with the flexibility to mitigate a wide range of physical safety challenges and mental health concerns.

The Solution

In selecting Peoplesafe, Dignity was driven by the need for a full-service personal safety technology platform that could address the diverse challenges faced by all its employees. Peoplesafe stood out for its comprehensive approach, offering a range of solutions and expert support.

Expert Monitoring

The 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operated by Peoplesafe played a crucial role in Dignity’s decision. Accredited to the highest industry standards, the ARC has direct access to police control rooms and can get help to staff two-times faster than calling 999. This guarantees the quickest response in an emergency, a crucial factor for those completing dangerous tasks or working in emotionally-charged situations with the potential to escalate quickly.

Tailored Safety Solutions

Peoplesafe’s diverse range of practical and user-friendly solutions allowed Dignity to choose an option best suited to their employees. Considering the broad range of risks, Dignity selected to supply 1,000 MySOS devices which have been distributed across teams working in funeral homes, care centres, crematoria and their coffin manufacturing facility in Yorkshire.

The MySOS is a discreet, easy-to-use personal safety device which allows users to activate an alarm at the press of a button. The simplicity of use empowers Dignity’s staff to quickly and covertly call for assistance, creating a safer environment for both staff and the public.

Round-the-Clock Protection

Round-the-clock protection is ensured by using a range of service features. Employees can check in and out of their working day, set timers for specific activities and schedule welfare checks. Each of these features has a process that automatically raises an alarm if the member of staff doesn’t confirm their safety. This acts as a failsafe, guaranteeing that any personal security issues are quickly identified and addressed.

Protecting Every Employee

Dignity has also set a brand new standard of personal safety across the workforce by inviting all colleagues across their business to install the Peoplesafe SOS App on either a company or personal mobile device. This means that 4,000 additional employees are able to benefit from industry-leading protection and support from a professional control centre at the touch of a button. Unlike free personal safety apps relying on family and friends, this solution is monitored by expert call handlers who are trained for these situations and can bypass 999.

Both the app and device are integrated with What3Words (W3W) technology so that the location of any Dignity employee in distress can be pinpointed within a radius of 5m². In emergency situations, critical time can be saved by directing help to the person’s exact location.

Impact and Benefits

The partnership with Peoplesafe has significantly improved the safety and security of all Dignity employees. The 24/7 availability of Peoplesafe provides staff with the reassurance of expert protection not only during work hours but also at home, during their commutes, and in their social lives.

This initiative ensures the safety of employees working alone or in potentially risky situations and enhances Dignity’s appeal as an employer that prioritises the wellbeing of its entire workforce. The approach to employee protection reflects Dignity’s dedication to maintaining safe working environments and providing peace of mind to all staff members. By fostering a workplace where every employee feels empowered, secure, and valued, Dignity has boosted workplace morale, productivity and retention.

“From the outset, Peoplesafe worked with us on a consultative basis to understand our needs and priorities. We care deeply about the wellbeing of our colleagues and want to ensure we’re maintaining safe working environments for them where everyone feels valued.

We decided to offer the Peoplesafe service across all roles, not just those working alone or in areas with a clear element of risk. Our goal is to support each other and provide an employee benefit that protects staff while at work and travelling.

Giving them access to Peoplesafe means they have the peace of mind that they are supported with a professional service should anything unexpected happen.”
Steve Low, Regional Health & Safety Officer
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