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Why choose Peoplesafe?

Peoplesafe partners with over 100 utilities and telecoms organisations and have been protecting field operatives for over 20 years. This in-depth understanding of the safety risks in this industry means we can provide the best-in-class service to meet the varied needs of your staff.

Workers in this industry are exposed to all three of the main risk categories for lone working: people, environment and task. Whether it’s ground workers in remote locations or gas engineers entering people’s homes, working in utilities and telecoms carries risk.

Peoplesafe is the largest employee protection technology provider in the world with a dedicated service to protecting people and nothing else.

  • A suite of solutions to mitigate multiple different risks.
  • Tetra-tested fall detection.
  • Achilles UVDB Silver Plus status
  • Guaranteed police response.
  • Trusted to protect over 250,000 employees.
  • Highest levels of accreditation (including BS 8484:2022, EN 50518:2019 and BS 9518: 2021).
  • ISO 27001: 2017 and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Continuous training solutions including live and on-demand webinars and eLearning.
  • Best-in-class online portal that allows staff to self-manage.

Organisations who already protect their staff with Peoplesafe

of Workers
abused by members of the public
most dangerous industry to work in
sustain a work-related injury every year

Low Risks

  • Travelling between appointments or locations
  • Lone working admin staff
  • Taking public transport or walking home after work

Mid-Level Risks

  • Verbal abuse and threats
  • Working in remote areas
  • Using hazardous substances
  • Health incidents
  • Struck by a moving vehicle

High Risks

  • Falls from height
  • Violence and aggression
  • Entering people’s homes
  • Confined spaces
  • Dangerous equipment and materials

Tetra testing

Our app and device solutions can all be equipped with fall detection. With this feature, an alarm will automatically be activated to the Peoplesafe control centre when the phone or device detects the employee has fallen.

Fall detection has successfully been tested with the Tetra system.

The sensitivity level can be modified on all solutions. Your staff can change the sensitivity settings themselves on the app to reduce false alarms.

Popular protection solutions

User Stories

Utilities Engineer Attacked

An engineer was completing a home call out when the customer began acting violently towards him. The customer first started being verbally abusive towards the engineer, but they then grabbed a broom and started to attack him with it. The engineer tried to calm the customer down, but the situation was escalating, so he decided to activate his SOS alarm. The Alarm Controller could hear the commotion in the background so escalated the situation to the police via the URN, getting the fastest response possible. While waiting for the police to arrive on scene, the Controller followed the user’s escalation instructions, contacting the user’s manager to inform him of the situation. The police arrived on site within 5 minutes and the user confirmed they were safe and the alarm could be closed down.

Service Engineer Trapped

A service engineer activated their alarm as they had completed a home visit and were trying to vacate the premises, but the property owner had blocked the user in with a digger. The user had tried asking the owner to move the digger, but they refused. The Service Engineer had begun to feel unsafe, so they raised an SOS alarm to the Peoplesafe ARC and informed the Alarm Controller of the situation. The Controller contacted the local police force and informed them of the situation, passing over details of who the user was and where the incident was taking place. The police confirmed to the controller that they would attend the situation and so the controller passed this on to the user and then contacted the user’s manager to let them know about the incident. The Controller stayed on the line with the user until the police arrived when they then confirmed that they were with the police and no longer needed Peoplesafe assistance. 

“All our drivers use the device, plus several office staff who work weekends on their own. Our drivers are spread across Cornwall, Devon and now into the Bristol area and to give them a peace of mind while being away from their depots is very important.”
Shaun Campbell, Health & Safety Manager, Clear-flow
“Peoplesafe was our chosen service as it had a clear and unique understanding of our needs with products and services ready to go.”
Neil Buck, Brighter Green Engineering
“Peoplesafe gives our lone working personnel an additional layer of safety, and assurance that help will be at hand if they get into difficulties.”
Paul McParland, HSEQ Group Manager, Lanes Group
“All in all, it’s complete peace of mind that our Engineers have protection when out working.”
Alan Cowlishaw, Compliance Engineer, TalkTalk

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