Lone Working in Charities

In the UK there are 880,000 paid charity workers and 19 million regular volunteers. Many of which regularly find themselves working alone.

Protecting charity workers

As well as paid staff, many charities enlist volunteers in the community and have a duty of care to protect them.

Charity staff may work alone, often during unsociable hours, in situations that involve looking after vulnerable people, interacting with the public, or collecting donations.

They face very real risks to their personal safety, including robbery, attacks from those in their care and risks associated with travelling alone, such as accidents and falls.

Benefits of using a lone worker solution for charities:

  • Charity staff and volunteers have access to 24/7 emergency response
  • The reliability of the service empowers individuals to carry out their work with confidence
  • Volunteers and employees feel more valued and cared for
  • The charitable organisation is able to fulfill its legislative duty of care
  • Paid staff can do their job knowing that their community volunteers are protected
How To Protect The Safety Of Volunteers
“Buddy schemes aren’t as reliable as we’d like. We needed something more robust in place to cover our Duty of Care as an organisation and to allow our paid staff to do their main job without worrying about the well-being of volunteers in the community.”
Chris Badman, Macmillan Cancer Support
“The system is easy to operate and provides staff with the reassurance that if a situation arose in which they felt they were at risk, they have immediate access to a panic alarm to summon help.”
Alan Coleman, Project Manager, Addiction NI
“Peoplesafe was our chosen service above others due to its cutting-edge innovation to provide a service tailored for the individual needs of the clients.”
Adam Webb, Head of Housing and Support, Centre Point
“Peoplesafe have helped us as an organisation to improve our lone working procedures and add an element of peace of mind and security to the services we offer.”
Chris Lazo, Action on Hearing Loss

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