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A leading charity, Response is one of the leading providers of home-based mental health care and operates primarily in Oxfordshire and surrounding regions. The organisation also provides supported housing designed to help people live independently.

Response work with some of the most high-risk patients and therefore, their staff are exposed to potentially threatening situations upon visits. Working alone in such environments can be a cause for concern, not just for the frontline staff who face these threats but their employers who can be subject to severe legal punishment.

Response’s Home Care staff can be called upon, day or night. For this reason, they required a form of backup and protection that offered 24 hour round-the-clock service.

Peoplesafe were introduced to Response via their local NHS Trust, who had already subscribed to the service having issued over 1,000 MySOS personal safety alarms to their community-based care teams. Response work closely with the Trust and their recommendation of Peoplesafe was the catalyst for the charity to also supply their lone workers with the keyfob-style device.

The MySOS is a state-of-the-art personal alarm that enables users to quickly and discreetly call for help in an emergency. All incoming alarms are received, monitored and managed by Peoplesafe’s fully accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

As soon as the alarm is raised, Incident Managers will monitor all audio via the MySOS and decide upon the best course of action required. This may include escalating the incident to the police. In this event, Incident Managers will bypass the 999 emergency service and will link directly to police control rooms, providing a rapid response and saving vital minutes.

Because the MySOS is fitted with GPS technology, Incident Managers can also pinpoint the exact location of the user and provide the police with precise co-ordinates. During any incident, all audio is digitally recorded and can be used as admissible evidence in court if required.

“In our care industry, it is crucial for us to keep our lone workers safe and secure,” states Pawel Sytniewski, Admin and IT assistant for Response. “That’s why we’ve chosen Peoplesafe to protect them. The service is very user friendly and straightforward to use. Not to mention the peace of mind it gives us.”

“We’re really happy with the service Peoplesafe provide, from ordering through testing and activating to helping with any ongoing enquiries. The responsiveness is great.”

Pawel Sytniewski, Admin & IT Assistant

The very nature of work carried out by frontline staff within the care sector can be fraught with danger and confrontation on a daily basis. Organisations involved have to understand that exposure to these threats need to be mitigated as best practice. That’s why countless Housing AssociationsLocal Authorities, Charities and NHS Trusts across the country use Peoplesafe as their preferred method of frontline care worker protection – safe in the knowledge that their staff can trust us to help them when they need help the most.

Find out more about the lone worker alarms that Peoplesafe offer or why not book a meeting with us to demonstrate our service at a time and place convenient to you?