Newcastle University

“If interviewers are feeling safe and secure in the environment they are working in, they feel more confident.”

The University

Newcastle University has one of the largest EU research portfolios in the UK. A number of department teams across a variety of Institutes have staff involved in teaching and research, often working alone.

The Challenge

Teams within the School of Architecture, Human Nutrition and Institutes for Age & Health and Health & Society are involved in interviewing people at their homes whilst working alone. During these interviews personal safety of staff within these teams may be at risk. Although there have been no incidents in the past, the University are aware of their duty of care and are committed to protecting these vulnerable staff.

The Solution

Peoplesafe was recommended to the University as an efficient user-friendly system. Lone workers within the University use Peoplesafe via their mobile phones. Each interviewer can log in to the system prior to each home/location visit giving details of the address. They can also raise a SOS alarm in case an emergency situation should arise.

“Staff can log their appointments using a mobile phone. Peoplesafe is linked to the University’s security system and reports overdue activity logs.”

Victor Ball

The Benefits

Peoplesafe provides reassurance for the University that their staff have a high level of security, by using a system which makes them feel more safe and secure. The reliability of the service makes it easier for the teams to carry out their research with confidence.