Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

Founded in 1990, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts are one of Britain’s best-loved luxury hotel companies. With over 40 hotels and resorts across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, they are the largest privately owned hotel group in the UK, employing over 4,000 staff.

Being a previous winner of ‘AA Hotel Group of The Year,’ Macdonald pride themselves on offering the best service possible for guests and have a dedicated team in their hotels working around the clock, including receptionists, cleaners and night porters.

Ensuring these workers are safe at all times is a priority as part of the company’s Duty of Care to employees. Staff can find themselves working alone late at night, which inevitably comes with greater associated risk. Being a safety conscious employer, Macdonald Hotels have put in place measures to allow staff to get help discreetly in situations where they may feel uncomfortable or threatened, perhaps when dealing with a difficult guest, for example.

Macdonald chose Peoplesafe as the leading supplier of lone worker safety solutions to equip their night porters with MySOS personal alarms. 

“I have Night Porters relying on the assurance of an activation, these devices make them feel safe at night. Without this piece of technology, we would not function properly.”

Michael Careless, Cluster Night Manager

The handheld unit supplied to staff is compact and inconspicuous, looking similar to a car key fob. It’s small enough to fit inside a pocket, can be clipped onto a belt, attached to an ID card holder or worn around the neck.

Pressing the SOS button on the device opens up a two-way communication channel which can provide vital reassurance in an emergency. Peoplesafe’s Incident Managers are trained to initially listen for signs of trouble to establish whether it’s safe to speak or not. Customers are assured to be in safe hands, as all Incident Managers are dedicated to handling lone worker alarms only.

If urgent assistance is required, Peoplesafe have priority access to the police via a Unique Reference Number (URN). This enables the emergency services to dispatch a faster response than is available to the general public via the 999 system.

Peoplesafe’s service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so help is always on hand in the event of an emergency. The service is supported by the online Peoplesafe Portal which allows Macdonald to manage devices and edit employee records, as well as viewing a wealth of monitoring information, such as statistics on usage and much more.

For those wishing to improve the safety and security of their lone working employees, as Macdonald Hotels can testify, “the care and attention given by Peoplesafe is second to none.”