First Bus Glasgow

“Peoplesafe has a history of being the ‘first to market’ and they have led the movement to specific smartphone solutions.”

The Customer

First Glasgow is the largest bus operating companies in Scotland with over 1,000 buses in operation, and 2,800 employees. Not only is it First’s largest operation in Scotland, First Glasgow is one of the group’s most significant functions in the whole of the UK.

First Glasgow’s head office is situated at Larkfield Depot, approximately two miles south of Glasgow City Centre. Along with six other depots around the city (Scotstoun, Parkhead, Cumbernauld, Dumbarton, Overtown and Blantyre) it gives them the capability to cover a significant area and population of Greater Glasgow with the 118 routes it maintains.

The Challenge

First Glasgow employ a number of Street Inspectors and Customer Agents. As part of their daily duties, they’re involved in regulating services, timing checks and revenue protection. Most of these duties either involve standing at a prominent street location on their own wearing hi-vis clothing or travelling on service vehicles.

Due to the high number of organisations that now wear hi-vis clothing, including the emergency services, it has become more and more prevalent that some staff find themselves the subject of verbal abuse and possible assault both from members of the public or staff from rival operators. Better protection was needed for these vulnerable staff who work alone.

The Solution

Alan Pert, Security Manager began to research the market for various lone worker devices. He identified Peoplesafe as the best solution to suit their organisational safety needs.

First Glasgow chose Peoplesafe via Smartphone as the most appropriate solution.

“With Peoplesafe via smartphone, our staff can utilise existing equipment, which we have already invested in and staff are familiar with, thus reducing costs, but still retaining a high quality of service.”

Alan Pert, Security Manager

The Benefits

First Glasgow have found Peoplesafe to be an invaluable service. It helps manage the risks faced by their street inspectors and customer agents being physically attacked or abused.

In addition, First Glasgow now has an extremely robust process in place for safeguarding employees’ safety at work. Staff can now log their whereabouts and daily tasks, send GPS fixes and raise alerts in the time of need. All of this can be done even when the phone’s keypad is locked.