Dartford and Sevenoaks Council

“The most impressive part of the Peoplesafe service is the ongoing customer service and the reliability of the devices”

Dartford and Sevenoaks have a combined population of 210,600 residents. The Environmental Health Partnership between Dartford Borough Council and Sevenoaks District Council protects their residents by offering a range of services. These services include, but are not limited to investigating domestic and commercial noise nuisance, food safety inspections, animal control and air quality monitoring. With many staff in the environmental health sector lone working, both Dartford and Sevenoaks council have chosen to equip their staff with Peoplesafe’s personal safety devices.

Duty of Care requires that employers ensure the safety and wellbeing of their workers. This involves assessing any potential risks posed to employees at work. Both Dartford and Sevenoaks Council have identified that their environmental health workers could be at risk because of the nature of their job.

Council workers such as Environmental Protection Officers and Animal Control Officers often find themselves lone working and so are considered at risk. This is part of the reason why the Environmental Health Partnership decided to equip their lone workers with the MySOS personal safety device, fully accredited to the highest industry standard, BS 8484:2016.

“It’s the best device that provides the most effective cover on the market.”

Annie Sargent, Corporate Health & Safety Advisor

The MySOS device provides around the clock protection and support for its users. The device features a SOS button which connects the user to highly trained Incident Managers in Peoplesafe’s 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre.

Using the device’s two-way audio capabilities, our Incident Managers are able to listen in and assess the user’s situation. If the user is in distress, the MySOS GPS feature can be used to send the emergency services to the user’s exact location. A feature that has been used in instances where members of the public have been aggressive and verbally abused environmental health workers.

The Environmental Health Partnership have opted to have roaming SIM cards in their MySOS devices. These SIM cards connect to the strongest network supplier in the area, ensuring that staff are able to raise an alarm in some of the most rural areas.

As well as receiving a personal safety device, customers also benefit from our on-going support and aftercare service. Each client is assigned their own Account Management team who arrange regular review meetings and conference calls to ensure they are getting the most they can out of the service. If clients or end users have any technical or operational issues, our dedicated Customer Support Team is on hand to assist.

When asked if Annie would recommend Peoplesafe to other organisations, she replied, “I would definitely recommend Peoplesafe. The device is good, the network behind the device is reliable and effective and the administration and set up is made easy. She added, “great sales, customer and administrative service”

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