Danone Group

Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition and Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition are part of the Danone Group.

Dedicated to delivering specialised nutrition, and with a proud heritage in research, innovation and development, both divisions align with the Group’s mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible.

Perfect partners

Working with healthcare professionals and ensuring that parents and patients have the right support means that Danone employees spend a high proportion of their time travelling and working alone.

After evaluating the working tasks of field-based employees, Danone recognised the potential for risk and investigated options to reduce this. This assessment led to several steps being taken, one of which was the need for better technology to protect lone workers.

The demand for effective technology led to the discovery of the Peoplesafe service.

Food for thought

After a consultation stage to assess lone worker needs, each member of staff identified as a public facing lone worker was supplied with an Identicom 877. Worn around the neck on a lanyard, the device takes the form of a name badge which can accommodate an existing identity card.

When the time came to roll the devices out to more employees, a renewed focus from within the business on lone worker safety led to the creation of a new lone worker policy and training programme. This improved the whole health and safety ethos of the organisation.

Home safe

Gerry Jarvis, Global Wise Safety Manager commented: “our lone working programme has the full engagement of the Field Based Teams, and the provision of the Peoplesafe technology has enhanced our safe working practices.

“It’s great to know that our teams are supported and looked after by the Peoplesafe system.”

Gerry Jarvis, Global Wide Safety Manager

Device usage is high at Danone and underpinned by personal safety training and staff understanding the importance of safe lone working practices.

All staff work to the ethos of ‘everyone to go home safe’ and the Peoplesafe devices provide real confidence to encourage this positive safety message.