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“Peoplesafe’s system reduces the level of harm that could come to our staff by allowing them to raise a call for help quickly and discreetly”. 

Compass St John’s are a supported housing association who provide structured, temporary accommodation for medium and high-risk offenders under the supervision of the probation service. By providing good quality homes to some of the most vulnerable in society they hope to tackle the issue of these individuals re-offending later down the line.

In order to maintain a controlled but positive space for these individuals, Compass St John’s employ a large team of support staff. These employees are responsible for carrying out daily home visits to tenants. They include providing rehabilitation services such as counselling, substance abuse support and developing valuable life skills such as cookery and cleaning. Due to the tenants within these settlements being from sensitive backgrounds, it is common for the support staff to experience complex, chaotic behaviour.

With the high demand for providing support to some of the most vulnerable in society, the staff at Compass St John’s work on a 24/7 basis. This entails conducting the housing visits alone, often during unsociable hours. With the high risk that a tenant could become aggressive and hostile, these lone working employees are put in a very vulnerable position. If a tenant was to threaten or attack the support worker, seeking for help could be a challenge, especially when alone.

After assessing their requirements as an organisation, Compass St John’s decided to minimise this risk by equipping their team with MySOS devices.

Project Manager, Daniel Thomas commented, “one of the first things that jumped out to me about Peoplesafe’s service was their competitive pricing. We were also able to conduct a free one-month trial, with this we were able to field test the devices to ensure the system was fully beneficial to us.”

The MySOS personal safety device is small and compact, it has the ability to raise an alarm at just the touch of a button. Once activated, the alarm is received by Peoplesafe’s 24 hour operated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Trained Incident Managers will listen in using the device’s two-way audio capability, assess the situation and reassure the user if it is safe to do so.

By following bespoke escalation procedures, the Incident Manager will send the appropriate emergency response if needed.  Being fully accredited to BS 8484:2016 gives Peoplesafe’s ARC direct access to police control rooms, bypassing the 999 services. This guarantees a faster response in the event of an emergency.

With the device’s GPS tracking ability, the Incident Manager will be able to pinpoint the user’s exact location and send help directly to them in an emergency. One of the biggest priorities for Compass St John’s was to find a solution that enabled their staff to get help quickly, without an attacker being aware.

“What sets Peoplesafe apart from other services is the discreetness of the device. Its compact design allows for it to be carried or worn without being displayed obviously. This means our support staff don’t have to alert an aggressor whilst raising an alarm. This benefit is a key for our business due to the types of people that we deal with”.

Daniel Thomas, Project Manager

With Peoplesafe’s lone worker protection system in place, support workers at Compass St John’s can feel reassured that they have 24/7 backup should they find themselves in a difficult situation.

When asked if they would recommend Peoplesafe’s service, Daniel stated, “I have recently recommended Peoplesafe’s service to another organisation who similarly to us, provide support to ex-offenders. Thankfully, we have not experienced any real emergencies but when testing the alarms, the responses have been fast and efficient. We will definitely be looking to protect more of our staff with Peoplesafe’s devices in the future”.

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