Brighter Green Engineering

“Our engineers rely on Peoplesafe’s system to keep them safe when working alone.”

The Customer

Brighter Green Engineering Ltd is a successful operations and maintenance contractor who specialise in the solar industry.

The organisation turned to Peoplesafe’s lone worker safety service to protect their nationwide engineering team. They’re responsible for providing customers with a bespoke service often situated in remote areas.

The Challenge

Customer service and relationship management is an integral part of their business. Brighter Green work closely with their customers to provide one-to-one engineering expertise. As a result, their team often find themselves working alone in secluded locations. If an emergency was to take place, they would be vulnerable to danger and perhaps not in a position to seek help.

Due to the alarming number of lone worker incidents that happen in the UK, it isn’t surprising that Brighter Green Engineering sought the opportunity to invest in a reliable lone worker safety solution. Their decision involved turning to Peoplesafe.

“Peoplesafe was our chosen service as it had a clear and unique understanding of our needs with products and services ready to go.”

Neil Buck

The Solution

After looking closely at their specific requirements, the lone worker solution Brighter Green Engineering chose was Peoplesafe’s MicroGuard device. Because of its small size, engineers can easily carry it with them at all times.

Should there be an emergency, a press of the SOS button sends an alarm to our 24 hour operated Alarm Receiving Centre. Here, Incident Managers can view their location through GPS, listen in, communicate with the user and call for assistance.

The MicroGuard device chosen by Brighter Green Engineering is small and easy to carry. It can be discreetly worn in a number of ways; as a pendant, attached to a belt, key ring or identity card holder. Engineers, specifically those who work in the solar industry, can be very ‘hands on’. The MicroGuard device is so small, it doesn’t hinder the user’s daily tasks.

The Benefits

As one of Peoplesafe’s customers, Brighter Green Engineering workers can go about their daily lives with reassurance and confidence. In any case of an emergency, they will be assisted with support, guidance and professional help.

Neil added “the devices are very reliable, we don’t have failures. They are also very easy to set up and use, making integration to our internal systems very simple”.