APCOA Parking

“We were most impressed by how quickly the service responds when a user raises an alarm. The quality is great.”

The Customer

The APCOA Group is Europe’s leading parking management company. Together with its international branches, APCOA runs 1.3 million parking spaces at 7,500 sites across 12 European countries.

From large scale car park management operations at airports, hospitals and city centre multi-stories to on street parking enforcement schemes such as fines, wheel clamping and vehicle towing, APCOA has a successful track record in delivering high-end customised parking management solutions.

The Challenge

Working both privately and on behalf of Local Authorities, APCOA employees often work alone and after hours. This includes night time call centre agents, staff operating in multi-storey cars parks where cash is held, and 24-hour enforcement officers. The very nature of their job – often producing a hostile environment, inevitably puts APCOA employees at risk of confrontation.

According to a recent study, as many as nine hundred parking wardens were attacked on the streets of London in just one year. In worst cases, wardens were punched or head-butted as well as showered with verbal abuse.

Concerned for their own staff welfare, APCOA chose to implement a personal safety service to ensure backup was at hand in an emergency.

The Solution

After meeting with Peoplesafe, APCOA chose to protect their staff using the MicroGuard device.

“We selected the MicroGuard from Peoplesafe as the price and service level agreement was perfect for us.”

Robert Fennell, Project Supervisor

Exclusively available from Peoplesafe, the MicroGuard is one of the most advanced and compact GPS personal safety devices available.

Raising an alarm is simple and discreet with the MicroGuard, just one press of the SOS button will connect you to Peoplesafe’s 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Here, trained Controllers will locate and assist the user via the device’s GPS capabilities and two-way audio.

Peoplesafe’s online portal enables staff at APCOA to leave detailed instructions in the event of an emergency, such as health complaints. When an alarm is raised, ARC Controllers will have access to this information in order to manage the alert effectively and where necessary, pass this on to the emergency services.

The flexible design of the MicroGuard allows users to tailor the way they carry it. The device can be worn on a lanyard, attached to a belt strap, held as a keyring or attached to the reverse of an ID card.

 The Benefits

Since implementing the devices, APCOA can feel confident that their staff have access to professional emergency backup when they are working alone.

Along with an increased confidence in lone working, APCOA have also ensured they are complaint with stringent lone working legislation and have helped to fulfil their Duty of Care.