Andrew Page

Andrew Page chose Peoplesafe to help protect their lone working staff, implementing Identicom and Twig devices across the company.

Since its formation in 1917, Andrew Page Ltd has grown from its original base in Leeds. It has become one of the UK’s largest distributors of auto parts and workshop equipment with over 114 branches.

Solid start

Andrew Page Ltd has a strong people-focused culture and has demonstrated this with an Investor in People accreditation. Alongside this, an innovative industry training programme. Part of this strong focus on its people is to make personal safety a priority. Furthermore, it was part of this focus that the company came to identify the need for a lone worker solution.

After assessing the services available in the marketplace, Andrew Page turned to the Peoplesafe service to protect their lone workers.


The variety of devices in the Peoplesafe portfolio meant that there was a suitable solution for all Andrew Page workers. The two devices chosen from the Peoplesafe portfolio for use within the Andrew Page organisation were the Identicom and the Twig protector.

Warehouse Operatives and Branch Managers use the Identicom with the rest of the employees using Twigs. The Twig device offers the same high level of protection as the Identicom but is similar in appearance to a mobile phone. This design means that it is better suited to those whose roles are not public facing where its ease of use and durability make it an effective tool across a wide range of job roles.

The Peoplesafe service is used across Andrew Page’s 100,000 square foot distribution centre in Markham Vale, where Warehouse Operatives prepare products for delivery to customers. HGV drivers delivering products also use the Identicom device when on the road. The GPS function of the device is of particular use to drivers, ensuring that in an emergency situation they can be located, no matter where they are.

The right choice

Usage of the devices is embedded into the procedures and working practices at Andrew Page.

“Staff have the comfort of knowing that help is only a button click away. They feel that Andrew Page Group has invested in their safety and the Peoplesafe devices offer good value for money.”

Lisa Reed, Health & Safety Officer