Peoplesafe SOS App – Personal Safety Service

The Peoplesafe SOS App is a smartphone application that provides round the clock protection for low-risk employees, making sure they get home safe.

The Peoplesafe app is your personal SOS alarm protecting you when you need it most, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether you’re working late, commuting on public transport, walking home or to your car late at night, or working from home.

More than just a panic button.

The Peoplesafe app is connected to a 24/7 fully accredited response team at no extra cost.

Automatically recording alarms which can be admissible as evidence should the need ever arise.

It is an essential service that helps keep your people safe every day.

The share location feature allows users to share their live GPS position with chosen personal contacts Such as a colleague family member or friend.

Only in the event of an alarm will Peoplesafe be able to view your location in order to provide the best support and at the touch of a button an alarm can be raised to our dedicated fully accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

Staffed with expertly trained controllers ready to assess the situation and contact the relevant emergency service via our unique and direct access to police control rooms.

We are able to bypass 999 providing potentially life-saving emergency response in the quickest time possible.

Fulfil your duty of care and Safeguard your staff with Peoplesafe.

Peoplesafe. Putting people at the heart of safety

Download the people Safe app from the usual social media stores or contact Peoplesafe.

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