Safety Products

We provide a range of safety products including devices and apps to ensure the most appropriate solution for your organisation.

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Using our ‘People Environment Task’ risk methodology, our expert consultants can work with you to ensure your staff are equipped with the right solution – this can often result in a subscription with a mixture of products to support the variety of risks faced by employees.

All of our solutions are enabled with best-in-class technology, fully certified and audited to BS 8484:2016 as well as being accredited to the coveted “Secured by Design” standard. Click on the images below to find out more about each of our products.

Our best-selling device that is discreetly shaped like a key fob with two-way audio and GPS locating capabilities.
Available on iOS and Android, the Peoplesafe Pro app transforms any smartphone into a fully accredited personal safety device.
Peoplesafe Pro Lone Worker App
Blending in to the everyday, the MySOS ID Badge 4G is perfect for staff who already need to display their ID at work.
MySOS ID Badge 4G
Our smallest and lightest device is shaped like a USB and is IP67 rated, protecting it from water and dust.
Personal safety app to help staff get home safe whether they’re commuting at unsociable hours or travelling off-site.
Peoplesafe SOS App
Provide 24/7 protection and peace of mind to all staff on every journey with Travelsafe.
Compatible with Apple Watch models Series 8 or later, unlock wearable personal safety using the only professional SOS app available on this product.
Apple Watch Personal Security App
Peoplesafe Alert is a secure emergency notification service providing mass communications during critical incidents and emergencies.
Emergency Alert System
Using satellite technology, this device is perfect for people working in remote areas with no mobile network signal.
Compact and robust satellite device with two-way audio communication to provide protection in areas of no mobile signal.
Intrinsically safe device that is ATEX/IECEX approved – ideal for use in explosive hazardous environments.
Protect your overseas travellers in a crisis by locating and communicating with them using a two-way crisis communication platform
International Traveller
A great entry-level solution for low-risk workers, infrequent lone workers or companies on a restricted budget.
Standard Mobile
Mobile panic button compatible with our smartphone app and wearable in a number of different ways including the user’s wrist like a watch.
Smart Button
Capture video footage of any incident using the market-leading D5 body camera from Reveal Media with a front-facing screen.
Body Worn Camera
Keep drivers safe inside and outside their vehicle with the integrated solution from Peoplesafe and SureCam.
Protect workers even in the harshest environments with the integrated solution from Cat Phones and Peoplesafe.
Cat Phones
International protection for employees travelling abroad for work.
Worldwide escalation service for employees at risk that can get help to their location quickly
Global Response
Protect against slips, trips and falls with this feature that raises an alarm automatically.
Fall detection
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