The Peoplesafe Service

Learn what happens when Peoplesafe users raise an SOS alarm to our Alarm Receiving Centre and how we help to keep employees protected 24/7.

When a user activates an SOS alarm on a Peoplesafe device or their mobile phone, our accredited ARC instantly receives their request for help.

One click gives our Controllers access to all the information they need to assess the situation. They can see all preloaded data, from the user’s identity to their medical history.

A two-way audio channel allows our controllers to hear what’s happening even if the user cannot talk for any unknown reason.

Controllers have access to the caller’s personalised escalation contacts so they will know how to escalate more minor situations.

In the event of a medical emergency or if the user is in imminent danger, we’ll call on the emergency services and bypass 999 for the fastest response possible.

Our National Response Service includes a list of security companies across the UK that can respond immediately to verify the user’s location or safety and well-being. And will remain in close contact with the user until they are 100% certain that the necessary help has arrived.

The device includes fall detection, which automatically triggers an alarm if the user trips, slips or has a medical emergency.

Users can also log their timed activities and send additional voice memo information to our ARC.

If a user hasn’t extended or cancelled their timed activities, an alarm is automatically raised.

Roaming SIM cards fitted in our devices connect to all major UK networks enabling greater connectivity than a mobile phone.

Above all, our highly experienced controllers are quick thinking and offer the fastest response available.

Peoplesafe, putting people at the heart of safety.

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