Nexus API

Connect your existing HR and workforce management systems to Nexus via APIs. Automate the population of user data from any API-enabled user management system such as WorkDay, Oracle HR and PeopleHR.

Seamless Workforce Integration

Streamline your operations with our API-driven workforce management solution. It eliminates the need for manual data entry which reduces errors and enables:

  • Reduced data entry – ensure all joiners, leavers and team structures are updated automatically.
  • Cost savings – seamless data exchange reduces administrative overheads and provides more time for strategic work.
  • Scalability – Nexus automatically mirrors your internal systems to accommodate growth or organisational changes without disruption.
  • Future-proof flexibility – open API architecture ensures continued integration with new tools and technologies.

Automate team management updates

The User Management API includes the ability to automate tasks, such as:

  • Managing user profiles – adding new hires, assigning app subscriptions and archiving leavers
  • Managing team structure – adding/removing user profiles and managers to relevant teams
  • Managing groups – adding/removing teams and managers to relevant groups

Implementation process

The Peoplesafe API documentation can be found in the developer portal, providing your development team or integration partner with everything they need to build an integration with Nexus. It includes:

  • list of all the available APIs (constantly growing)
  • description of the API function
  • technical elements of the API
  • testing tool for your development team or integration partner to build an integration.
View API Portal

See how it works

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