How Peoplesafe Protects

See how our technology and service protects everyone from front-line workers to office workers and even forestry workers. From the press of a SOS button to emergency response, find out how our ARC and technology ensures you get the fastest possible help when you need it. Whenever. Wherever.

When you feel at risk, you will never be alone with Peoplesafe providing 24/7 backup and support through our safety technology and expert control room.

Our service gets help to you in an emergency faster than 999.

When you raise an alarm, our dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre Controllers are always there, responding in less than 6 seconds and available 24/7, 365 days of the year. You are never alone: trained call handlers provide support until you confirm your safety.

We have smart, intuitive technology for any task or environment and can tailor solutions for your specific needs.

We have you covered whether you need a dedicated SOS device designed to protect high-risk workers.

An ID badge that can hide in plain sight and be easily accessible for public facing and front-line workers.

A mobile app that is simple to use with enhanced features for your most vulnerable workers, or even something more specialised including devices that utilise satellite communication, perfect for workers in rural locations.

Our rugged safety devices are capable of withstanding rough treatment and harsh environments making them perfect for any task.

ID badges offer discreet protection, helping those already carrying identification to feel safe.

Apps provide peace of mind to anyone who needs it, whether it’s catching the last bus alone, walking through dark streets or travelling alone for business.

Raising an alarm in an emergency is quick and simple.

One button press on any of our technology will connect you directly to our dedicated ARC Controllers who can respond in seconds.

If you’re visiting clients or working alone, you can check in, set activity timers and record key information, such as your exact location and what you are doing. If you fail to check out or don’t close the timer, an alarm will automatically be raised.

To protect against slips, trips and falls our solutions have fall detection technology which measures changes in orientation, impact and lack of motion following impact. An alarm will be raised when all three factors have been detected.

The moment an alarm is received, the Alarm Controller can see who you are, where you are, the type of alarm and any key information you’ve recorded to inform their response.

Before speaking, the Controller will listen for at least 10 seconds to assess the situation. In life-threatening circumstances, they can bypass 999 and speak directly to local police control rooms, initiating emergency services to get to you in minutes.

Alternatively, we can call for help in the background, inform your own security teams or send one of our own security professionals to offer support or confirm your safety.

As any incident unfolds, we will update your escalation contact and follow your individual escalation procedures to ensure you get the right help and support during and after the alarm.

Managing the service is simple through our online portal, designed to put managers in control of their users and devices.

You can also easily demonstrate the effectiveness of the service by running key reports to show adoption, usage and incident statistics.

Using Peoplesafe ensures you will never be alone. Get help whenever and wherever you need it.

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