Our smallest and lightest lone worker device shaped like a USB for discreet access providing 24/7 protection at the touch of a button.

SOS Alarm

Activating the SOS Alarm will open a two-way audio channel with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) – protection when you need it.

Customisable Call Button

The device can be configured to include any of these features: log activity, voice memo or test line functions to best suit your working needs.

Long Lasting Battery

Up to 5 working days from a single charge with a LED indicator to signal low battery.


Waterproof durable casing provides protection against dust, rain, splashing and accidental submersion for 30 minutes up to 1 metre of water.
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  • BS 8484:2022 certified
  • One-touch covert emergency button
  • Device vibrates discreetly
  • Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS) significantly improves the start-up acquisition of GPS positioning
  • Secured by Design approved
  • IP67 rated which means the device is fully protected against dust and is waterproof
  • Two-way communication audio up to 2 metres
  • LED indicators for GPS availability, GSM connection, Battery Low and SOS
  • Voice memo for pre-alert messages
  • Optional Fall Detection alarm
  • Docking station for charging
  • Battery life up to 5 working days
  • Wearable accessories
  • Suitable for lone workers

Emergency response
faster than 999

Getting help to you quickly, no matter when or where, is what sets our service above anyone else.

Our dedicated, state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operates 24/ 7/ 365 with trained experts ready to react immediately.

  • Direct access to local emergency services wherever you are through our URNs
  • National private security response units for swifter action where needed
  • Discreet recorded monitoring in conflict situations
  • Accredited to the highest standards

Developed exclusively by Peoplesafe

Developed by Peoplesafe, the MicroSOS is one of the world’s smallest and lightest lone worker device that is fully certified against BS 8484:2022 and ‘Secured by Design’.

The MicroSOS device links directly to our Alarm Receiving Centre at the simple touch of a button. The Fall Detection variant features a sensor which automatically raises an alarm if the user slips, trips or falls. It’s also IP67 rated, which means the device is fully protected against dust particles and is waterproof. Your MicroSOS will withstand some of the harshest working and environmental conditions.

The MicroSOS has been designed to be worn in a number of different ways for convenience and discreetness. It also comes with an easy-to-use magnetic docking station for convenient charging.

Accredited to BS 8484:2022

See how the MicroSOS complies with BS 8484:2022 (the British Standard for suppliers of device/app based lone worker services).

  • Audio SOS Alarm capability — Yes, two-way voice
  • SOS Alarm call will keep trying if unsuccessful — Yes, up to ten times
  • SOS Alarm call is confirmed as answered — Device will vibrate
  • Operator can dial in to the device — Authorised number only
  • Location of device is available — Yes, via GPS and Voice Memo
  • Sufficient battery life and low battery warning — Yes, flashing low battery warning on device
  • Signal strength indication — Yes
“In service, the devices have proved their value time and time again, not least by providing the officers with constant reassurance that, if necessary, they can summon help quickly. That has made their lives much more comfortable and made it a lot easier for them to do their jobs.”
Ian Lockett, Cheshire East Council
“The deciding factors in choosing Peoplesafe came down to the quality of the devices, the competitive pricing and the service as a whole. We would highly recommend the service to others looking for lone worker protection.”
Helen Muddock, Suffolk County Council
“we had one operative who slipped down a staircase outside and the device raised the alarm automatically. He was quite flustered but Peoplesafe contacted him straight away ensuring his welfare which gave him peace of mind.”
Shaun Campbell, Clear-Flow
“We have many links with companies in the local area, so we asked one who they used. They gave us great feedback on Peoplesafe. We looked into them more, saw they met all our needs, trialled their personal safety devices and went from there.”
Rhona Wight, Mackie’s of Scotland

User Stories

Hotel Carpark Dispute

A hotel receptionist activated their alarm as there was an incident occurring between two guests in the hotel car park. One guest was punching a car in the car park, while another guest was being verbally abusive to the receptionist. While the incident was occurring the receptionist discreetly activated their alarm, which was received by the Peoplesafe Alarm Controller. The receptionist immediately began talking to the controller as the guest had escalated from shouting to becoming physically aggressive, going inside and removing the fire extinguisher from the hotel lobby to use as a weapon. As the situation was escalating, the alarm controller contacted the police directly, getting the fastest response possible.

The Alarm Controller continued to monitor the situation as the guest took the fire extinguisher outside and began hitting another guest’s car with it, staying online with the receptionist to provide reassurance and kept the emergency services informed of the situation. In the background, the controller also contacted the Hotel Manager, as they were the main escalation contact. The Hotel Manager attended the scene alongside the receptionist to provide assistance. The police arrived within minutes and were then able to take over handling the situation.

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