HSE Workplace Fatality Figures 2022/23

The Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) annual workplace fatalities statistics for 2022/23.

The data, covering the period from April 2022 to March 2023, reveals that 135 workers lost their lives in work-related incidents, an increase of nearly 10% compared to the previous year.

Cause of fatal injuries

  • Falls from height (40)
  • Struck by a moving object (29)
  • Struck by a moving vehicle (20)
  • Trapped by something collapsing/overturning (12)
  • Contact with moving machinery (9)

Fatal injuries by industry

  • Construction (45)
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing (21)
  • Manufacturing (15)
  • Transportation and storage (15)
  • Wholesale, retail, motor repair; accommodation and food (15)

The risks to older workers (aged 60 or over) continues to be highlighted with 22% of the total fatal injuries, despite only making up around 11% of the workforce.

68 members of the public killed due to work-related activities (excludes deaths due to work-related accidents to ‘patients and service users’ in the healthcare and adult social care sectors in England reportable under RIDDOR)

“While these figures show Great Britain is one of the safest countries in the world to work, safety must continue to be at the top of everyone’s agenda. Our mission is to protect people and places and we remain committed to maintaining safe workplaces and holding employers to account for their actions.”  HSE’s Chief Executive, Sarah Albon

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