Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: 21 Jun, 2021.

For Managers

How can I make sure my staff know how to use their devices properly?

Every single user receives a training session before they start using their device, as standard. Peoplesafe also take a proactive approach to ensure your colleagues are using their devices properly by monitoring false activations and offering additional or refresher training where necessary. Our training sessions are comprehensive and flexible and can be delivered to your staff on an individual or group basis. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

How can I change a user’s details?

You can quickly and easily update a user’s or escalation’s details from your Peoplesafe Portal account, giving you complete control.

Some of the device settings aren’t right for us. What can I do?

Call your Account Manager. Depending on your device, some settings are adjustable.

How can I encourage my staff to use their devices?

Based on our experiences, we strongly recommend putting in place a ‘Usage Policy’, clearly outlining the expectations on the staff. We can provide you with a policy template or guide you through creating a bespoke policy. Call your Account Manager for more information.

For Escalation Contacts

What is an Escalation Contact?

An Escalation Contact acts a bit like a ‘buddy’ if a colleague activates their device. The Escalation Contact is responsible for contacting the lone worker who has raised an alarm if Peoplesafe cannot get hold of them, contacting their manager or going to assist the lone worker.

Why do we need to have an Escalation Contact?

The Escalation Contacts usually have access to more information and contact details than Peoplesafe which means we are able to help a lone worker more quickly if they activate their device. In a genuine situation, having a colleague on the scene can make all the difference to speak to the emergency services or contact next of kin.
Often, users activate their device by accident so an Escalation Contact can quickly confirm that the user is safe and well if we are unable to speak to the user directly.

What do I need to do to be a good Escalation?

You need to make sure that you are available to answer your phone at all times and, if necessary, assist Peoplesafe operators if a colleague activates their device.
You should know the user and the risks associated with their role. It is useful to know their shifts and location and be in close proximity to them.

What do I do if I am going on holiday or off sick?

The Escalations can easily be changed on the Peoplesafe Portal. If you do not have a login for the Peoplesafe Portal, your manager will be able to help.

For further information, read guide on What Makes a Good Escalation Contact.

For Lone Workers

Am I being tracked?

Absolutely not! A Lone Worker Safety Device is intended to be used as part of a tracing system rather than for tracking an individual. We honestly don’t want or need to follow you around and in this sense, rely on you activating functions on your device to let us know where you are. We would usually only ever need to view this information if you require assistance from emergency services.

Can you listen in to my conversations?

Your device does not transmit any audio unless you activate it so we would not be able to hear your conversations unless you raise an SOS or Man Down alarm.
In very exceptional circumstances, an operator can dial into your device to contact you. This is only done at the request of a senior manager at your company and only if we believe there is a genuine and severe risk to your safety if we do not do it. We do not take this decision lightly and would not authorise it just on a request. Your privacy, trust, and safety are of utmost importance to us.

What does ‘Timed Activity’ mean?

A timed activity is your way of getting the device ready and informing us that you are going to start lone working. You can tell us exactly what you are doing, for how long, and where. If you need help and have recorded a timed activity, we can get help to you more quickly.
If you are outside, we would use GPS to find your location if you need the Emergency Services, but this doesn’t work from inside a building. A timed activity lets you tell us exactly where you are working if you think GPS might not work.

What is an ‘Timed Activity’ Time Out?

A timed activity starts a timer running so you can tell us when you expect to have finished lone working. If you are unable to raise an alarm yourself, one will automatically be triggered if your timer runs out. You can cancel your timed activity at any time and will receive a warning that your session is about to end. From there you can cancel or extend the session.

Why does GPS not work inside a building?

GPS works on satellite technology and so requires a clear line of sight to the sky.

Why do I need a device to keep me safe?

I’ve never had a problem before. Most jobs carry an element of risk. Being familiar with that role means our perception of the risk is diminished, but the risk remains. This in itself can leave us vulnerable as we stop taking as much care as we used to. Lone working is riskier because it is more difficult to summon help.
Having a Peoplesafe device means you can quickly and easily summon help from colleagues or the emergency services. It gives you peace of mind and lets you get on with your job.

What do all these buttons and/or lights mean on my device?

Give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through your device. Alternatively, your user guide will give you an overview or access our straightforward training videos.

Some of the device settings are not right for my role. What can I do?

You should speak to your manager and ask them to call us. Depending on your device, some settings are adjustable.

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