User Stories: Suicide

Building Jump

A service user jumped off a ten-storey car park building. The Peoplesafe user raised their alarm and requested the Controller to contact the emergency services. By the time the Controller had finished the call, the ambulance had already arrived on the scene.

Bridge Jump

A user activated their alarm as he could see a girl attempting to jump off a bridge. The Controller called the police who were already aware of the incident taking place and were already on the way.

Moving Traffic

A patient was threatening to jump into moving traffic. The Controller gathered the relevant information and passed it over to the emergency services. Whilst calling 999, the user advised that the patient had come down from the ledge, but still required assistance.

Moving Traffic

A guest ran out of a hotel located near the motorway and threatened to haul themselves in front of the moving traffic. The staff member was in such a panic they left the hotel unattended to keep an eye on the guest and talk them down. The Controller ensured the user and escalation contacts were kept up to date with what was taking place focusing on making sure the hotel was secure and managers were notified.


A member of the public came into the hotel and refused to leave saying that he had taken an overdose and was planning on taking his own life. The user called the emergency services while the controller stayed on the line monitoring the situation and offered to call a manager as further support until the police arrived.

Attempted Suicide

A hotel worker raised an alarm believing that a guest was attempting to take their own life. The Controller gained the relevant information to be able to call the ambulance and remained on the line while the user gained access to the room. It turns out the guest had attempted to take their life and the user accessed the room in the nick of time.

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