What Is A ‘Fall Detection’ Alarm?

Posted: 26 Oct, 2017.

A fall detection alarm is an alarm that’s raised automatically when the user suffers a fall due to a slip, trip or other unpredictable medical problems. Our core lone worker devices are all capable of detecting a slip, trip or a fall and raising an alarm automatically.

The Health and Safety Executive reported that around 621,000 workers suffered a non-fatal injury while working in 2015/16 and some of the main causes of this non-fatal injuries were due to:

  • Handling, lifting or carrying
  • Slipping or tripping
  • Being hit by a moving object

Although these are statistics for non-fatal injuries, without immediate assistance, accidents like slips, trips or falls could have a serious impact to a worker’s wellbeing. Especially if they are someone who works alone for long periods of time without much direct supervision.

Scenarios where a user falls unconscious due to a slip, trip or a medical condition is one of the major causes of concern for many lone workers. This is because they are unable to alert someone even if they have a communication device or just a general personal safety alarm, which would require the user’s manual input.

In such scenarios, the fall detection feature within our devices will detect that fall and raise an alarm directly towards the Controllers in our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The Controllers are fully trained to deal with different types of situations, so will attempt to communicate with the user by using the 2 way audio feature within the device. If Controllers believe that the user would need immediate medical assistance, they will summon the emergency services directly to the user’s location, thanks to the built in GPS capability within our devices.

Our ARC is also fully manned 24/7 so that your employees can work in full confidence knowing that if something does happen to them while working, there’s back up available… anytime. Providing immediate assistance in the event of a serious accident or a medical emergency is ever so important, as every minute that passes without aid could be lethal to the life of a vulnerable employee.

If you would like a demonstration of our Fall Detection feature or find out more about our range of devices with Fall Detection capabilities, then please contact our sales team at 0800 990 3563 or email sales@peoplesafe.co.uk


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