What is Fall Detection?

Falls from height and being struck by a moving object or vehicle accounted for 58% of all workplace fatalities in 2021/22.

Without immediate assistance, accidents like slips, trips or falls can have a serious impact on a worker’s wellbeing and can often lead to further, more serious injuries. Especially if they are someone who works alone for long periods of time or without supervision.

With fall detection, if a user experiences a fall, an alarm will be raised directly to Peoplesafe’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Our Controllers are fully trained to determine if medical assistance is required, getting employees help in the fastest possible time.

A fall detection alarm is suitable for those who:

  • Work at height – Falls from height caused 24% of workplace fatalities in 2021/22
  • Work with moving machinery – Contact with moving machinery caused 23 workplace fatalities in 2021/22
  • Have known medical conditions – Pre-existing medical conditions may cause employees to fall, faint or collapse
  • Work with live animals – Agriculture, forestry and fishing have the highest % rate of workplace injury

User Story

A Peoplesafe user collapsed in a car park due to stomach pains and their device automatically raised a fall detection alarm. The ARC Controller gained information from the user about their condition before contacting the emergency services on their behalf, passing over the relevant details. They stayed on the line with the user until the ambulance arrived and the user was in their care.

How Fall Detection Works

  1. The fall detection enabled device detects a period of sudden motion followed by non-movement, or a change in orientation.
  2. An alarm is automatically raised to our Alarm Receiving Centre.
  3. The alarm Controller will use two-way audio to communicate with the user and determine if escalation is required.
  4. If the Controller believes the user would need medical assistance, they will call the emergency services using the user’s GPS location.

Adding & Adjusting Fall Detection


Fall detection must be specified as enabled or disabled when placing an order prior to the device being dispatched.

If a user requires their fall detection sensitivity to be adjusted, a request should be sent via email (customer.support@peoplesafe.co.uk) to the Peoplesafe Customer Support team who will be able to adjust the settings remotely.


If fall detection is requested prior to setting up your account, it will be available to activate within the ‘Tile Selection Menu’ at the point of installation.

If the fall detection option has been requested once your account has been set up, our team will send the settings remotely and fall detection can then be activated.

Users can increase and decrease the sensitivity of the fall detection feature on their app by going into the fall detection app settings. Here they can select the level of sensitivity or switch the feature off altogether.

With fall detection your employees can work in full confidence knowing that if an incident does occur while they are working, there is 24/7 back up available, 365 days a year. Providing immediate assistance in the event of a serious accident or a medical emergency
can be lifesaving.

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