Fall detection

Raise an alarm without pressing a button

Falls from height are the most common type of fatal accidents for workers in the UK. Similarly, slips, trips and falls are the most common type of accident that causes injuries. The need to support workers after suffering a fall is evident, which is why we offer a fall detection feature that will automatically raise an alarm in the event that someone carrying one of our products falls over.

How does fall detection work?

Our patented fall detection feature uses three factors that mimic a falling motion to raise an alarm. When fall detection is enabled on one of our devices or app it will raise an alarm once it detects three events

  1. A fall from a height,
  2. A period of non-movement and,
  3. A change in orientation.

When all three factors have been detected, the device or smartphone will vibrate to tell the user that an alarm is being raised. The Controllers in our Alarm Receiving Centre will know that it is a fall detection alarm and proceed accordingly.

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