Day in the Life of a Customer Support Executive

Posted: 22 Aug, 2023.

At Peoplesafe, our Customer Support team plays a crucial role in delivering our market-leading service. As the first point of contact for customers facing any issues, they provide essential advice and support.

We connected with Peoplesafe Senior Customer Support Executive Talisa to learn more about what her team do on a daily basis. Here’s what she had to share:

Check tasks and daily schedule

The Customer Support team at Peoplesafe operates in staggered shifts, ensuring there is always a member of the team available for customers from 8:30am – 6:30pm Monday – Friday.

When starting their shift, the first thing a Customer Support Executive does is check their schedule and calendar to see if they will primarily be working on phone or email queries for the day and make sure they’re aware of any upcoming internal meetings.

Responding to external requests

The Customer Support team all work from a central inbox, ensuring that queries get worked through in order of priority. Opening a case allows other team members to see who is already working on it through the CRM, preventing multiple agents from simultaneously addressing the same ticket. This allows the team to maximise their time while ensuring all customers get the support they need.

All incoming customer queries and requests are logged within our CRM, whether they come in by phone or email. All interactions with the request are then tracked until it is marked as resolved. This process allows the team to stay on top of every case and avoids anything slipping through the cracks. It also provides clear visibility of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ensure they are consistently met.

When responding to the request, the agent will also look at past interactions the customer has had with Peoplesafe which provides additional context so that they are able to respond to the issue in the best and most efficient way possible.

Some requests may be straightforward and involve redirecting customers to other channels, such as our Help Centre or Webinar Training Sessions. If guidance doesn’t already exist for this particular query, the Customer Support agent will update the Peoplesafe Help Centre with information on how to troubleshoot. This helps both customers and other Customer Support team members to resolve issues in a quick and structured way.

Our Customer Support team also work with customers to reconfigure the settings on a user’s device or app. For example, lowering the fall detection sensitivity to reduce false alarms, or changing the set-up of device buttons to best suit the user’s individual requirements. They are also available to support administrators with performing tasks as needed.

Escalating requests

Certain requests may require escalation to other team members or even different departments to ensure the best possible outcome. For example, the Finance team may handle invoicing queries, while the Order Fulfilment team would process replacement device orders. Escalating to the correct place can help to minimise wait times and help customers have their problems solved quicker.

Logging interactions

After every interaction with a customer’s request, the Customer Support representative logs the details in the CRM system. Keeping a record of these interactions also means that they can be referred to in the future and used by other employees who may get involved in resolving the query. Noting this information provides context that helps the rest of the Peoplesafe team to provide an enhanced support service.

Sharing feedback with internal teams

While Customer Support’s main focus is resolving customer queries as efficiently as possible, they also work to reduce the likelihood of the same issue arising again.

Customer Support representatives regularly receive feedback from customers that can be used to help improve the Peoplesafe service. This means that part of the role is sharing customer feedback with relevant managers and colleagues. This could include raising a common issue with our Product team or sharing insight with the Marketing team about regular queries.

Respond to internal queries

In addition to customer requests, the Customer Support team also handles inquiries from other departments within Peoplesafe. This could include a request for information on which devices are linked to a specific order number, which settings are on specific devices, or queries about a client’s account structure.

Talisa, Senior Customer Support Executive
“Since joining Peoplesafe Customer Support I’ve seen firsthand how the team’s dedication and expertise have a direct impact on our customers’ safety and satisfaction. Every day, we have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact and ensure our customers receive the support they need.

What I love about Peoplesafe Customer Support is the strong sense of teamwork and morale. We work closely together, sharing knowledge to better serve our customers. Being part of a team that plays such a crucial role in delivering our exceptional service is truly rewarding.”
Talisa, Senior Customer Support Executive
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