Day in the Life of an Order Fulfilment Admin Assistant

Posted: 3 Oct, 2023.

At Peoplesafe, our Order Fulfilment team plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth processing and delivery of the devices and accessories that connect our customers to our vital service.

We connected with Peoplesafe Order Fulfilment Admin Assistants Josh and Chris to learn more about what their team do on a daily basis. Here’s what they had to share:

Check tasks and daily schedule 

When starting their shift, the first thing the Order Fulfilment team do is check their schedule and calendar to see if they will primarily be working on returns, new orders or replacement orders for the day and make sure they’re aware of any upcoming internal meetings. 

New Device Orders

When completing new orders, an Order Fulfilment Admin Assistant will first check the internal project management software where new orders are tracked alongside the company’s CRM system. Through the dashboard, tasks are prioritised to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), allowing the team to work through the orders based on priority and providing seamless workflow management.

The first task within all new orders is to configure the device based on the customer’s chosen settings, which includes 15-minute tracking, fall detection sensitivity and call button functions. By customising each device, we ensure that it perfectly aligns with our customers’ needs.

Once the devices are configured, the team proceeds to create a record of the order in the Peoplesafe online management portal. This step involves linking the device serial numbers to the specific order number to ensure accurate record-keeping for future reference.

The team then conducts a test on the devices to ensure the microphone and speakers are fully functional. This critical step guarantees that each device is in working order and meets the highest standards of quality before it reaches our customers.

Next, the Order Fulfilment Admin Assistant will create any new logins for customers required, granting them access to the online management portal. This element of the onboarding process ensures that our clients can quickly access and benefit from our services once the device arrives.

Then the team adds the appropriate keyrings and accessories to the orders, ensuring that each customer receives a user-friendly package.

Lastly, once the order has been packaged and is ready to be sent off, the Order Fulfilment Admin Assistant marks the order as complete on their dashboard. This systematic approach keeps their records accurate and up-to-date while helping to ensure SLAs are always met.

Replacement Orders

Replacement orders are arranged via Customer Support for any customers experiencing technical difficulties or for those who have lost or broken devices.

Just like new orders, replacement orders are tracked on the project management software, providing our Order Fulfilment team with a clear overview of their tasks. They use their dashboard to prioritise replacements, ensuring that urgent cases are addressed promptly, and SLAs are met.

To maintain accurate records, the first step the Order Fulfilment Admin Assistant does is to record the serial number and the associated SIM number for the device that needs replacing. This record-keeping allows for easy reference and traceability. They then retrieve the account number from the CRM and identify the name of the user the replacement device needs to be assigned to.

Before reconfiguring the replacement device, the team performs a device reset to ensure it is ready for configuration. The new settings are then sent to the device before it is tested to ensure the microphone and speakers are fully functional.

The device is then added to the account and linked to the correct user profile within the online management portal. This step ensures that the user’s information is accurately linked and means that the user can begin using their device as soon as it is received.

To keep our records up-to-date and accurate, the team then updates the project management dashboard with the new device serial number. This systematic approach further ensures the traceability of devices and seamless workflow management.

When packaging up the device, a mini user guide is provided, refreshing the user’s memory on how to use it effectively promoting a seamless user experience. For replacement orders, the Order Fulfilment team arranges for special delivery guaranteed by 1pm the next working day. This ensures that customers in urgent need receive their replacement devices as quickly as possible.

“Being part of the Order Fulfilment team at Peoplesafe is very rewarding. Every day we play a crucial role in ensuring that our customers receive the life-saving devices they need to connect to our service, exactly when they need it.”
Joshua Zara, Order Fulfilment Admin Assistant
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