Are You Prepared For Driving This Winter?

The winter months can bring about snow and ice for many areas of the UK. Make sure you are always prepared for the worst.

Snow and ice on the roads can be treacherous even for some of the most experienced drivers. Even if your vehicle is equipped with snow chains, that doesn’t stop other road users from having an accident. A single accident on the motorway involving a lorry could cause a major setback to your journey. You may be stuck waiting whilst the emergency services attend to the scene.

As well as other road users having accidents, the weather itself may cause delay to your journey. If the weather takes a turn for the worse when you’re in the middle of travelling, you may need to pull over until it clears or find yourself stuck for a prolonged period of time.

With the possibility you should find yourself stuck in your car whilst travelling this winter, here are a list of essentials you should take on your journey:

winter driving emergency kit

It is important to check the travel reports before commencing any long journey in the winter. If the weather is predicted to be especially bad, then you should not travel unless necessary to avoid being stranded. Remember to drive slowly on roads that are wet or have been gritted, and give yourself enough space from other road users as stopping distances can be doubled.

For more advice on driving in adverse weather conditions, please refer to the official Highway Code guidelines here.