Peoplesafe app home screen
Peoplesafe app share location feature
Peoplesafe app home screen and share location


The Peoplesafe app is a smartphone application that provides round the clock protection for employees, making sure they get home safe. Whether they are commuting at unsociable hours or have to walk to a car park off-site, Peoplesafe is the perfect companion.

This personal SOS alarm offers additional protection to low-risk staff; it is not suitable for high-risk and lone working employees. More than just a panic button; the Peoplesafe app has a live connection to a 24/7, fully accredited managed response service at no extra cost. On average, Peoplesafe’s in-house Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) answers alarms in just 5.8 seconds. It is staffed with highly-trained experts who will be able to assess the situation and act accordingly.

Keeping all your staff – including hybrid and home workers – safe and well while fulfilling your duty of care is important. The Peoplesafe app comes with a built-in wellbeing check so you can consistently monitor how your employees are feeling.


  • Dedicated SOS button
  • One or two-way audio communications
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Share Location
  • Available on Android and iOS
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Peoplesafe app home screen
Peoplesafe app share location feature
Peoplesafe app home screen and share location
Peoplesafe app SOS button

How does it work?

The Peoplesafe app is designed with simplicity in mind. If a user feels threatened or unsafe, they just need to hold down the red ‘SOS Alarm’ button for one second. This will raise an alarm in the ARC which will be answered in under six seconds, on average.

The Alarm Controller will automatically have access to the user’s GPS location in case the emergency services need to be sent to their position. Before speaking, the Alarm Controller will monitor the alarm for a minimum of 10 seconds to assess the situation.

This app is suitable for:

working late

Working late


Travelling off-site

home icon

Working from home

Share Location

Location sharing lets the user share their real-time location with people they choose. This can either be completed via SMS or an alternative message system (e.g. Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp).

Within the message there will be a url link to Google Maps with the user’s location. The Share Location feature on the Peoplesafe app allows preferred contacts to be set up to receive this message.

They will see the user’s name and real-time location. Other information such as where they’ve just been and if they’re walking or driving may also be included.

home worker looking stressed at laptop

Wellbeing Check

Being aware of and evaluating our own mental health is becoming increasingly important as we seek to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

The Peoplesafe app has a built-in Wellbeing Check that users can complete to let employers know how they’re feeling. The check includes a mood assessment scale and a comments box for any further information the user wants to include.

Interested in the Peoplesafe app?

If you think that the Peoplesafe app personal SOS alarm will help to protect the safety and wellbeing of your employees, get in touch with us today for a consultation with our experts.

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Peoplesafe Pro App

Transform any smartphone into a lone worker device with the Peoplesafe Pro app. Packed with advanced features such as fall detection, log activity timer and text activity, our BS 8484:2016 accredited app is the perfect solution for mobile staff working alone.

The Peoplesafe Pro app offers simple-to-use features that are effective in both reactive and proactive situations to keep lone workers safe 24/7. With the app installed on your employee’s devices, compliance and usage of the lone worker service are likely to be high.