Top Tips to Prevent ‘Struck By’ Injuries in the Workplace

Struck by injuries are the third largest reason for workplace injuries in the UK after manual handling and slips.

The Health and Safety Executive reports that around 700 workplace injuries a year are due to being struck by an object. Of those 700, about 100 of those are considered as major injuries. Around 25% of fatalities in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries were due to being struck by a moving vehicle. Therefore, it is important that every workplace puts in measures to manage the risk.

Preventing a struck by injury starts before any work commences. This can be done by making sure that the following steps are completed:

  • Ensure workers have the correct personal protective equipment. For example, a hard hat and steel toe capped boots.
  • Make sure that workers have proper training on the equipment they need to use.
  • Check that the equipment is in good working order before it is used.

Struck by injuries can be split in to five categories.  Below are the five categories they can be split in to and tips on how to prevent each one from occurring:

Rolling objects:

  • Walk behind moving equipment when possible.
  • Keep your vision clear by not overloading moving equipment.
  • When approaching large equipment being operated, make eye contact with the operator so that they know you are there.

Falling objects:

  • Securely store loose goods.
  • Heavy objects should be stored close to the floor and not overhead.
  • When lifting objects, first secure them and then lift them evenly.
  • Use nets to catch debris that may fall as a result of working at height.
  • When working at height, make sure you do not throw down tools off of the platform.
  • If completing work over an entrance, make sure the space around the work area has been barricaded so that others do not walk underneath.

Swinging/ slipping objects:

  • Make sure all objects are secured before lifting them.
  • Keep a safe distance and do not walk under objects that are being lifted.
  • Ensure that lifting equipment is in good working order and do not exceed the weight limit of objects being lifted.

Flying objects:

  • If machinery has a safety guard, make sure that this is in good working order.
  • Wear protective face masks to prevent injury from debris particles flying from equipment.

For workers that have suffered from a struck by injury, often the consequences can be life-changing. A speedy response from colleagues and the emergency services can make the difference between a minor injury and one that’s life-changing. Providing workers with a personal safety alarm can help to make sure they get the quick response they need. If a worker was to be struck by an object and knocked unconscious, then having one of our devices with Man Down will detect impact and raise an alarm if they fail to move. This alarm will then be received by our highly trained Controllers at our Alarm Receiving Centre who will follow your escalation procedures and get emergency assistance if necessary.

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